We review a lot of different dating sites on this website, and they can’t all be winners. While there’s a number of them that are a great place to spend your time and money to find a hookup, AdultFinder is not one of those places. Continue reading for our full write-up on why this dating site is not worth your attention.

And actually, if you’re reading this review and try to navigate over to the site, you’ll find that it’s already defunct and redirects to another site.

My Review of AdultFinder

The first impression that we had when visiting this site is that it is totally geared towards men. You go to their site and you’re instantly met with tons of images of scantily clad women. It’s like the posters on the wall in a frat house.

There’s boobs plastered everywhere and it’s so awkward. It’s not the most inviting place for a woman to sign up and look for a date, and that’s one of the reasons that they don’t.

review of adultfinder dating site

That brings us to the biggest gripe we have with this site. It goes hand in hand with what was just said. From our experiences trying out this dating service, there are no real women to be found.

So while the artwork and advertisements for the site lure you in with all these photos of hot girls, once you sign up to become a member and start chatting with women that catch your eye, you soon find that they are just a bunch of robots. Good luck getting laid with a bot.

Any real female profile you’ll find on there is probably a really old, inactive member who has fled the site in search of something better. Either that, or it’s an escort and we’re not proponents of that kind of hookup.

Sending Messages on AdultFinder

Despite our first impressions, we spent a few months on the site to see if there was anything salvageable on it. To see if there is actually any opportunity to score with the “women” on the site.

The verdict – definitely not the place you want to be looking.

We sent almost 200 different chat messages to profiles, across a broad range of types of women. From that 200, we only got 20 responses. Of those 20 responses, most they were very obviously canned, auto-response messages from a bot.

Of the remaining replies, not a single woman actually ended up wanting to meet. It completely turned us off to the site.

The Interface and Appearance

The look of this site is just awful. To be honest, it looks more like an advertisement than it does a dating site. It is so littered with scantily clad images, the interface is clunky, it just really doesn’t work. We question whether the founders were starting a dating site or really just using it as an advertisement for something else.

Overall Impression

It’s kind of beating a dead horse here, but we recommend you steer clear of this site as it is not worth your time. We have plenty of other options on here, such as sites like this one. They are a better choice when you’re looking for adult dating.

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