One of the most widely advertised sites in the adult dating network is  We wanted to check it out and see if it’s as good as it appears to be since it is so ever-present everywhere on the web. How does it rank against all the other websites (click here to see them) that we review? What we found was a big letdown and it was a rather fishy experience. Continue reading for our full review and why you should stay away.

AdultFriendFinder Review – Is This Real?

The first thing that caused us to question how legitimate of a hookup site this, how realistic it is in leading to a casual encounter, is that basically immediately after you visit the site it takes you to a page where you are made to pay for a membership upgrade.

is adultfriendfinder a fake site?

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There are three price tiers to choose from:

  • 1 month – $29.95
  • 3 months – $59.80
  • 1 year – $179.10

We said “no thanks” to this step and started to navigate the site as a free member, just to browse around and see what’s available on there. Our hopes were quickly shot down because we soon found that you basically cannot do a thing on the site without paying them first.

We received a message from another member, tried to open it, got redirected to the pay wall. We tried to send a message to a profile we liked, and once again got asked to pay up.

Now this isn’t in and of itself a strange thing – most sites make you pay to use their full functionality. But what really got us suspicious is that as soon as we signed up — before we even filled out our profile, added photos, etc. — we were inundated with messages from people in our area.

Wow! How lucky could we be to have all these women wanting to have sex with us! Right off the bat! Without even having to upload a photo! And they were on the site immediately when we signed up and couldn’t wait to send us a note!

Of course, you’re catching the sarcasm, we hope. All that tells us is that this site is full of bots, sending fake automated messages in hopes that you’ll pay for a membership so you can read the messages you received.

fake women on adult friend finder

After seeing these fishy tactics right from the get-go, it was clear to us that this site is just a scam. It has a big marketing budget behind it to become so prevalent. It features real porn stars in their marketing materials to make it seem big budget and reputable. But really they are just in the business of luring you in to take your money. Once you get in, you’ll find that there are no real women at all.

It reminds us of so many other sites we talk about here that are nothing but false promises. You’re better off just saving yourself the time and money and going to a legit site. There you can actually get some play in return, and not just communicate with fake profiles and pay largely to do so.
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