This site first got onto our radar when we were researching a site called AdultHookups (plural, instead of singular). At first we thought it was just our imagination that there were two sites like this. Then we opened them up side-by-side with each other and found that they were two separate sites. But did they both scam in the same way? We take a look at and let you know if it’s worth your time.

Our Time at AdultHookup – Scam Central

The first thing we always do when we visit sites like these is scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and read the Terms and Conditions language. They purposely bury this all the way at the end of the site. They basically cover all their bases so that their scams are legally covered. By having this text on the site, and you signing up and creating a profile, you automatically agree that you have read and are compliant with their terms. This is regardless if you actually read it or not.

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Some of our findings:

  • This site is actually owned by AdultHooksup.comĀ – The site we mentioned above. They are two sites run by the same company. Both look alike and are pretty much exactly the same. They point to the same address in the company information, having the same company name and contact information. On top of that, they use the same scammy techniques to take your money.


  • Fake profiles – These sites data-mine real users information to collect details, buy personal data from other sources, and also completely fabricate other information to make fake profiles. The more people it appears that are in your area, ready for a hookup, the more likely it is that you’ll sign up to chat with these “members”. Any messages you receive will just be sent by computer software (“bots”).


  • Extortion credit card tactics – While you might be able to sign up and create a profile for free, you’ll soon find that everything thereafter is going to cost you money. At first they’ll deceive you by just saying that your credit card is only needed to verify your age. But if you read the fine print, you’ll see that you’re signing up to be automatically charged monthly subscription fees for three different porn sites. Yuck!


  • Scammers on the payroll – These sites employ tons of people to create all the fake profiles that populate the site. They also have these people on the payroll to give the bots a break and send you messages so they have a more human feel. Don’t be fooled, you aren’t talking to the woman you see pictured in the profile.

Wrapping Up Our Experience at AdultHookup

Don’t fall into their trap, this site is nothing but a money-grab. You do not have any chance of landing a hookup of any sort. Your money is better spent at another website like this one if you are looking for a real, NSA casual encounter and not just a penpal relationship with a robot.


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