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There are many out there who are married and looking for a safe way to have a little more fun in their love life on the side. This is a well-known fact among creators of adult dating sites like the ones we review all over this website. Because of this, there’s a lot of competition for clients in this space. While we don’t consider Affairs Club as the best in this niche, they are worth looking at.

Our Membership with Affairs Club

Site Look and Features

The interface of Affairs Club has a similar look to what you find at other dating sites. Nothing particularly fancy, but serviceable and easy to navigate. What sets it apart are all the features it has. There are a lot of different communication channels such as live cams. On top of that there is dating advice as well as a bonus of XXX movies. You can get lost in just the porn alone on the site and forget you’re looking for someone!

The search function works well. You can also take a look at who has viewed your profile and see if they catch your eye and worth messaging. A lot of functionality and easy interface to use.

review of affairs club adult dating site

Odds of Finding a Partner

Unlike other sites, Affairs Club does not offer hookup guarantees. Because of that, it was a little tougher to assess the site’s efficiency at delivering the goods. However, the editors here know their way around these sites and can evaluate on other metrics.

The first test we ran was logging in a few days after we initially signed up. That way we saw how active the community was in the meantime. One of our editors already had a handful of profile views and a couple messages in his inbox. This pales in comparison to larger hookup sites. Still, it’s better than dead silence and worth more exploration. We will add, however, that we are sold on them being real humans, and not just bots┬álike we see on other sites (click on this one to see what we mean).

Site Safety

We felt very comfortable using this site. They have a lot of built-in features to make their members feel secure. Your payment will show up as something completely discreet on your bank statement. Payment is processed securely. With the risks already faced when hooking up with a stranger when you’re married, it’s best to have these safeguards.

Overall Value

There are payment options to get upgraded features on the site. You can get a full membership for one month at the price of a couple of drinks at the bar. It’s no surprise that cheaters are turning to the web when they can get a whole month at the price of a happy hour or less. A monthly subscription is $29.95, and you can get a discounted rate for three months at $19.98 per month.

Since it is called “Affairs Club”, you know that the people you are searching and chatting with on the site are looking for the same thing as you. That takes all the guesswork out of it. Confidentiality is of the highest concern at this site, so you can rest assured that your secret is safe.

All in all, it could be a little more active, but it is definitely better than all the scam sites like this one here that we see all over the web.

Affairs Club
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