Are you into bondage and other kinky stuff? Looking for a place on the web to explore this wilder side? is the site that advertises to the bondage community. Going in, you would think that all members there are gung-ho about this stuff and ready to mingle. Does the site live up to its promises? Read our full review below to see our findings.

Kinky Times at

We’ll take you step by step on our impressions and experiences with the site.

Sign Up Process

The first thing you need to do is perform a search on, which only takes a few seconds. There are choices for men, women, couples, groups, and all types of fetishes. Once you’ve chosen all the preferences and fetishes that interest you, you will see a limited number of profiles that match your criteria.

A sad note to report, however, is that all of these potential partners we saw during our initial criteria search soon disappeared when we became paying members. Not sure where they went to and how to feel about that, but it seems a bit scammy.

review of bondage site

Site Design and Interface

There is a lot to digest on this website, it can make your head spin with all the possibilities. If you’re huge into kink, you won’t even know where to begin. But it’s nice that there’s a place out there that has these kinds of fetishes so out in the open. It was generally pretty easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for.

Chances of a Partner

This is really what you came to this review for. What are the odds you’ll match up with someone and have a real, in-person encounter? Sorry to say that our initial suspicion with the disappearing members showed that this site isn’t as populated as you’d think it would be.

One of our female editors created a profile as a single female and sent messages to a lot of single men. She got flooded with messages immediately, but then after replying got almost zero messages back. That doesn’t look too good, and it makes us think all those messages she got were automated by fake profiles (another site that does that can be seen here).

Overall Impressions with

While we went into this site with high hopes, we were ultimately let down. You would think that a site that isn’t so in your face as an “affair” site, rather it caters to kink, there would be genuine interest and real profiles to interact with. That wasn’t the case. Lots of fake profiles to make the site look more crowded.

What we did find useful, however, was the site’s forums. It seems like all the real people hang around there and message each other, hit it off, and trade contact information and go from there (avoiding the paid membership altogether).

If the above sounds like a good idea to you, go ahead and have a great time with it, but we wouldn’t recommend spending any money on this site. Instead we recommend you visit one of these.

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