Ashley Madison

We won’t spend a whole lot of time digging into this one. The biggest question that needs to be answered when doing these review of adult dating sites is simple — is it a legit site or is it just a bunch of fake profiles?

You probably know the answer to this one as it was widely publicized, but since it’s such a well-known site (even before bad news came out) and still has a lot of paying members today, we’ll dig into what’s going on over there and whether you should invest any time or money at

Ashley Madison Review

So for a quick overview, this site caters to married individuals looking to have an affair on the side. It’s much like this other one we talk about here. It is by far the most widely known site in this niche. There were commercials on big cable networks, publicity like no other adult dating site has. It’s pretty much synonymous with this market. It was the first of its kind.

ashley madison review

Well, it had a lot of promise and it got a big membership in a short time and has maintained membership in the millions (if you believe their numbers) for quite a long time since then.

It provided a safe place for married men and women to add a little spice to their love life, to make up for what they are missing at home. A safe place is the keyword there. It shows up on your billing statement as something totally discreet, in case your significant other looks at your financials. You can choose how much or little of yourself you want to reveal in your profile. All the other members are in the same kind of situation.

Sounds like a great place to find some no strings attached fun on the side without it being known, right?

Well, that all came crashing down a couple years ago when the site was hacked. There was a huge data breach and the membership list was posted for all to see on the internet. It was even searchable and able to be filtered, so if there’s someone in your life you suspected of being on the site, you could easily find your answer. Even one of the preachy Duggar family kids was exposed.

The fallout was huge. Marriages were ended, families were torn apart.┬áNot that we’re surprised – an extramarital affair is a death sentence for most marriages.

But even more than just names being released, the site came under huge scrutiny and was investigated by more hackers. It was found that the site employs a team of people to create fake female profiles. There were literally millions of robot profiles on the site, and next to no real women at all. It was just a bunch of men forking over money to talk to bots.

Now if that’s the kind of place you want to go to for an adult dating site, be our guest. But we prefer to have our information kept secure. And obviously, we’d like to talk to real women and actually get some action. We think you can agree with that. Somehow, this site still has members, and we can’t figure out why. Stay away!