As you can probably guess by the name of this site, this site is geared towards Asian singles who are looking to hook up with a sex partner. However, that doesn’t mean that every member is Asian or that you have to be, as it is also for those who wish to date those of Asian descent.

We took a look at the site and it featured some pretty hot women. Digging further into it, they say that they have over 3 million members (and growing), so we gave it a spin to¬†see what it’s all about. Take a look at our full review below for the details.

Our AsiaFriendFinder Review

The top thing that this site has going for it, at first glance, is that they know how to present well. The site is nice to look at and it features some pretty hot photos of Asian women all over the place.

But after using the site for a little bit, we found that none of these ladies, or anyone remotely as hot as them, can be found on the site. There wasn’t a whole lot of good stuff to look at, to be honest. Unfortunately, it seems like it’s just like all the other sites like those ones talked about here. It has its benefits, but there are better places out there to spend your time and money.

We did have a good time on the site – it has it’s positives, but not without its drawbacks as well. I’ll get into my full experience below.

Signing Up

You start off by selecting your gender, what gender you’re looking for, and your age. Pretty standard stuff. After hitting search I was surprised that I wasn’t prompted to fill out my profile. I like that you can begin cruising right away. Instead, it takes you right to a page of results of ladies in your area. However, after that, you’re then asked to begin rounding out your profile if you want to go any further in the process.

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Just like most of these sites, you get flooded with messages right away after signing up. And again, just like with other sites, when you reply to them you never seem to get any further chatting with them. It seems there are a lot of bots on there, and very few real women to chat with.

That doesn’t mean that there are NO real women, as I did end up chatting with a cute girl. After a little bit of back and forth we decided to meet.

My Date

This girl was just as cute as her pictures showed. She sent a lot of signals that she was into me, and I was definitely into her as well. We had some great conversation over drinks, made out for a little bit at the end of the night. We made plans to meet again. Long story short, we eventually boned and it made my membership at AsiaFriendFinder worthwhiile.

The Verdict: Decent Site If You Like Asians

All in all, while there is definitely better out there in the adult dating world, I can’t say a site that led to sex doesn’t have its merits. If you’re really into Asian women, you obviously can find a high concentration of them here. I like those niche sites, where you know what you’re getting. Like a (talked about here), you know you’re getting a stoner. Nothing wrong with liking what you like. You may have a better overall batting average on other sites, but this one can lead to fun times.