This site is quite similar to another dating portal we review on this site, AsiaFriendFinder (which you can find here), in that it caters to Asian clientele as well as those who want to hookup with someone from Asian descent.

While we had a decent time on the other site (found a sex partner), unfortunately we didn’t have a similar experience with this one. Read below for our full write-up on why you should steer clear of signing up here.

Money Wasted at

The first thing that scared us off of this site is that when navigating to it, it immediately redirected us to It is a super cheesy dating site that has been around forever. There is a picture of a white dude hugging his Asian girlfriend and looking all proud. His experience is totally fake after what we’ve experienced on the site.

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Site Design

The site is super basic, for lack of a better term. Beyond that, their whole approach in getting you to spend money on a membership is pretty basic as well. While there are sites out there that will help you find an Asian woman to hook up with, this site is not one of them.

All they’re trying to do at this site is make money. They don’t care if there’s a real chance of their members finding any romance. To chat with women you have to buy credits (like we talk about here about and it gets super expensive. It was nice to talk to a real woman, but not worth the price that they charge you to do so. The credit purchases add up real quick.

Signing Up

You can sign up using your Facebook information (we wouldn’t recommend this if you want some discretion). Or you can create an account. You’ll fill out a brief questionnaire like on most other sites.

Just like with other sites, you immediately get inundated with tons of messages. It seems too good to be true because it is. You quickly find that these must be fake, robotic profiles. You want to read the messages, so you spend money on credits. ┬áThen you find out that there’s no way this is a real woman. And now you’re out of a hefty sum,┬ábut you have nothing to show for it.

It seems like a lot of the profiles on there are just paid models. They’re trying to entice you to spend money on the communication features. This site will get you nowhere.

The Verdict: Steer Clear of

As if it wasn’t evident enough with all I said above, this site is one you want to stay away from. It is much more expensive than the other ones on there that let you communicate freely once you become a paid member. And once you do start communicating, you are met with nothing but crushed hopes. We wish we had a better experience to report, but that would be a lie. Go check out AsiaFriendFinder we link to above and you’ll have a better time.