You can surely guess by the name of this site who this one is geared to. Yes, people of all ages still have those sexual urges, so this one is to help out those of older age have some fun times. It’s a specific group of people that they cater to.

We’re not ┬ábaby boomers here, but to fully vet the adult dating landscape, we created a profile to see what it’s all about. Is it a worthwhile site? Find out in our review below.

Baby Boomer People Meet – Is It Worth It?

For one, we’re amazed a site like this exists as none of our parents are very computer literate. So with that said, you can expect a very basic site that is easy to navigate. You’ll find that here. That’s a positive, but that’s where the good stuff ends.

If you’re of that age and looking to find some to date or interact with, stay away from this site. Like a lot of the other ones we review on this site, it is chock full of fake profiles.

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It’s just designed to separate you from your money. There are very few (if any) real people to chat with. Any communication you receive from someone is most likely computer generated. Have fun having sex with a robot. Probably won’t work out too well.

This site is simply just a marketing ploy. They get older people excited that there is a site that is catered to them. Since there are very few like that for this niche, it entices them. “Oh great! A site for me!”. Of course they’ll sign up. It’s not like they’ll have luck on Tinder at their age.

What You’ll Find

We were dismayed at a lot of things we saw on this site. That includes the following:

  • While they claim to be free, it actually costs a lot of money to be a member and to communicate.
  • They take all of your personal information to use to their benefit. Not very safe.
  • Your profile you create will be recreated and distributed to another site of theirs in their network.
  • As mentioned above, the other members you are talking to are fake.

A lot of this stuff isn’t disclosed up front. You don’t know until you’re about to read/send some communication that it will cost you.

These kinds of things are disclosed in their terms that are in small print and you have to directly navigate to them. They’re not real up front, you have to kind of look for them. It’s easy to bypass without knowing what you’re agreeing to.

A way you can spot these tactics is looking closely at the terms. They’ll say something like the communication is used only for testing purposes. They’ll say that employees of the company may create test dating profiles to gauge the functionality of the site. If you read this beforehand, would you join? Other sites (click here to read about another) do it, too, and it’s a gross part of this industry.

Summing Things Up – Stay Away

You don’t need me to spell out in the conclusion here whether we think this is a site that is worth your time. Lots of fake profiles, shady tactics, stealing of your personal information. That’s not a good formula, and not what you signed up for.