At times, you just want to see a little bit of sexiness. You know what I mean. Videos of hot XXX models and hardcore porn clips. Badoink is definitely a site where you can find that. But did you know there’s also a sex dating site within, called Badoink Dating?

We figured it’s our duty to see if their dating service was worth checking out. Read below to hear about our experiences and see if it is worth your time and money.

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Badoink Dating Site Review

So is this site worth joining or not? That’s the only question that needs to be answered here. Oddly enough, we weren’t really looking for a new dating site when this came on our radar. One of us was just surfing for some porn on Badoink and came across this.

Our First Impressions

The girls that they have pictured on the homepage are hot as hell. There’s no getting around that. Take a look at the screenshot below and you can see what I mean. They’re all half naked and look pretty horny. Know why? Because the women on this site are ready to fuck. Now.

is it worth joining badoink dating?

Signing up was very easy and pretty standard with what to expect on these sites like we talk about on our homepage. You enter your age, gender, what sex you are looking to partner up with, stuff like that. Add in your zip code and email address and create a password and you’re all set.

You then must verify your registration which is just a matter of clicking a link in an email they send you. All pretty standard. Now you’re ready to go!

And boy were we ready to go! I have to say that all the girls on this site are smoking hot and a lot of fun to chat with. Super flirty, friendly, and looking to fuck right away. None of that fake profiles stuff like you see on other sites, this is populated with the real deal.

We can believe this to be true because of the other sites this is in network with. The same company that runs Badoink also owns Fling, Snap Sext, and Instabang. All of the above are great options for adult dating online.

Features of the Site

They really go above and beyond to give their members all the tools to have a good time. Video chat is one of the best things on there. To hell with sending emails back and forth. It’s much more fun to talk face to face (albeit through a screen) to get to know each other and get a look at each other.

There’s also a cool “new faces” feature that shows the members that are newest in your area. We’ve had a lot of luck using this function.

Meeting Up With Other Members

Let’s get down to it. You join these kinds of sites to find someone to fuck. We review a lot of sites on here that won’t fulfill that hope. This site is not one of those scammy ones (here’s one like that). This is the real deal. A lot of good times were had with some hot tail in our area.

In Conclusion

It comes down to just a couple things. One – are the girls hot? Absolutely yes. Two – can you get laid through this site? Another emphatic yes. That said, while this is a good option, there are still a lot better ones out there that have better features and an even higher success rate. Not to say that you can’t go wrong here, but we still can’t call it the best out there.

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