Are you looking to fuck some hot girls? Who isn’t? There are a ton of sites out there, like these ones on our homepage here, where you can do just that.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of them that lure you in with the promise of sex and don’t deliver. We tried out Bangaholic to see which category it fits into. Interested in this site? Don’t sign up until you read about our experience below.

Bangaholic ReviewsDid We Get Laid With Bangaholic?

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty here first before I go into further detail. Did our editors get laid using this site? Yes. We did. And they were some pretty fun times and we enjoyed sharing our stories with each other.

If you want to join Bangaholic and get the same results that we did, it’s pretty basic. All you need to do is go through the standard signup process. After that, you’re talking with local sluts almost immediately. That’s the way that we attacked it, after first crafting our profiles just the way we wanted them.

Make sure to add a lot of photos showcasing you at your best. Add a lot of detail, as much information about yourself as you want to share. It gives potential partners more info to find a common interest or finding something to be curious and ask you about.

All that said, while we did have a lot of success on this site, it’s still not our favorite. We always revert back to our most trusted sites that we have come to know and love. That’s not to say that there aren’t positives with this site (we got laid, right?), but there’s better options out there. We go into more detail below.

find a hookup on bangaholic

First of all, like you can see in the screenshot above, all of the girls on this site are fuckable. If you say otherwise, then you’re a liar. There is some seriously hot tail on this site. You’ll be instantly distracted when you visit the homepage.

Signing up is very easy, pretty standard like the other dating sites. After signing up, we suggest that you pay up and become a full member to get the most out of your experience here. Take it from us, it works.

With a paid membership you get access to more features, such as video chatting, amateur nude photos, live cam girls, better placement for your profile in search results, and more search options.

After having some sexy times on Bangaholic, if you want to cancel your membership it is pretty easy to do so. Some companies (here’s an example) try to extort you on your way out and keep you from leaving, but we didn’t have that experience here.

Wrapping Things Up

A lot of good times can be had here and the women are totally smoking. We like this site a lot, because we had a lot of success and some fun times. That said, however, we still fall back on our most loved sites, but there’s definitely a lot of opportunity at Bangaholic¬†for everyone.

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