Are you looking for a buddy to bang? Well, appropriately named, BangBuddies is the place for you! This is one of the better sites out there for finding a casual encounter. You’ll find plenty of women that are looking to hang out and enjoy some sexy times. Nothing better than some good, no strings attached sex. We’ve had quite a bit of fun with this site. We’ll share our full experience below.

Review of

We found this to be one of the true sites (kind of like this one) where you can find a girl that’s looking to hook up and not worry about any commitment. The intentions are pretty straightforward when you look at the title of the site. You’re not finding your forever match on a site like this. And if you’re reading this site, we don’t think you’re looking for that anyway.

The women on here are looking to get laid just like you are. It’s nice knowing that from the start. It takes out the guesswork. You know you don’t need to schmooze them or romance them. They just want to fuck. No bullshit games.

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The search function works really well. You can find women that you have a lot in common with. You’ll have a great time trading messages before you even take her to your bedroom.

There is something freeing about knowing that she’s out there looking for sex, just like you. It allows the conversation to turn sexual much quicker. It really takes the edge off. No need to pussyfoot around.

Messaging System

We got a lot of messages right away but were a bit dismayed that they weren’t up to our hot standards. However, using the search function a bit more, we found some real dime pieces and sent them some messages. We got a lot in return. We found that if you approach them as a friend, and not just looking to smash, you can get in better that way. Of course, the conversation eventually gets a little more flirty.

Phone Calls

They also have a phone system built into the site so you can take it from trading text messages and get into a voice conversation. A lot more fun can be had here. One girl, in particular, I hit it off with pretty quickly and the dirty talk soon began. I knew this was going to end well. We ended up agreeing to meet up, and let’s just say there was a happy ending to the night.

Overall Impression

This site is great. You know the girls on there are looking to bang, just like you. We didn’t encounter fake profiles, unlike a site like this here. The talent level on the site is very good, once you use the search filters for what you’re looking for. You can build your own little search list of dream girls and start messaging from there.

The site is simple, easy to navigate, user-friendly. We found more fuck buddies than we ever thought we would on this site. We highly recommend it if you’re looking to just have a casual hookup. It worked for us and we know you’ll find the same. Plus, they have a 100% guarantee! If you don’t get lucky, they’ll give you a premium membership free for a year! You literally have nothing to lose here.
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