Once you navigate over to, you’ll find that there is a “less is more” feel to it. Will the simplistic design and features of the site lead to more hookups? I took a test spin on this site so you don’t have to and will let you know my findings below. Review

I registered for this site for free at first to see how much I could accomplish as a non-paying member. I also then bought a membership to see what opportunities that opened up for me.

Long story short, I didn’t get very far with anyone on this site.

Site Overview

They don’t really use any gimmicks like the other sites we discuss do, so I thought that this had a chance to be a good option for adult dating. I was wrong. It seems like their whole scheme is to try to fool guys who know what to look for in a scammy site. They take away all the spam that you get flooded with on other sites, in hopes that you think it’s legit and pay for a membership.

I saw through their ruse but still bought a membership just to see if there was anything worthwhile behind the paywall.

Signing Up

When you sign up on the homepage you start by entering your gender and what your sexual preference is. Then you enter your email address and create a password. This gives you members access and you can start creating a profile.

The first surprise was there were no messages flooding my inbox instantly. Other sites do this (this one here especially) and it’s always just fake profiles, making the site look more active and enticing you to pay so you can read the messages. Since I didn’t get these automated messages, I thought maybe this site is legit so I signed up as a paid member.


Since I wasn’t on the receiving end of messages, I sent a bunch out to some girls I thought were attractive. I did not receive a single message in return. You could chalk it up to bad luck, but I don’t know. I tried all kinds of messages – witty ones, short ones, long ones, asked probing questions based on stuff in their profile. Nothing worked. I almost wanted to get some fake messages just to get some kind of reply.

Phone Calls

There’s a phone chat tied into the site, but the only calls I got were telemarketer calls. At least that’s the way it sounded. Never have I been on any other dating site and not gotten any kind of communication whatsoever. I can’t attribute it to bad luck anymore. It just seems that there is nobody on this site at all.

Chance of Getting Laid

Obviously, this is a zero percent chance. If you don’t get any communication with anybody, of course there will be no in-person meeting and certainly no sex.

In Conclusion – Steer Clear of

This place is just an empty room. They strip down the facade of the site to make it look real simplistic. They go with a less is more approach, and avoid scammy tactics that fraud-vigilant daters look for. But in the end, nobody is signing up for this site and any members you find on there are not active. Reading third-party reviews of this site, they echo my comments. Never had I encountered such silence on a dating site before. Take your money elsewhere.