Best Online Dating Starters for Men

Surely you are so sick of the girls never responding to your messages online. Whatever dating site you use, the same thing happens everywhere – you text something that seems cool, original, and funny, but your companion just disappears without a word. This exhausts, spoils the mood, and discourages, leaving no desire to continue trying to make a new acquaintance. Most guys stop doing this after a week or two, and their loneliness is getting more and more painful.

But do not give up just yet, friend. Perhaps, all you need is a couple of good tips on how to start a conversation with a girl on the Internet. You are very lucky, for we have some great ideas that will help you.

Online Dating Starters

Laughter is a victory

Girls always respond to funny messages. This is proved both by science and the experience of our experts. The fact is that men with a good sense of humor are almost always interesting interlocutors and passionate sexual partners. Girls intuitively feel this and look for that special someone, who will be able to make them laugh and cheer up. So you need to learn how to be funny.

Many guys make a big mistake – they tell too long jokes. As a result, their consciousness generates some incredible punch line only they can understand. And the girls need something simple, sincere, and just funny.

For example, you can attach a funny gif or meme to your message, even if it has the usual content. This works great on Tinder. Text something like “Does it mean we’re together now?” and attach some funny gif. It almost always works.

The main thing is not to play a prim English gentleman, whose jokes are funny only to those, who were born in the 19th century.

Find a Common Ground

A great way to start chatting with a girl is to text her about your common hobbies (if you want to feel what a Russian kiss is, use this method). As statistics show, most girls are happy to talk about travel. For them, this is something attractive and interesting. However, this is not surprising. If you noticed a picture in her profile where she’s in the place you’ve been to, text about it. Ask about her impressions, but make sure that your question is impossible to answer with a simple “yes” or “no.” Do not be afraid to seem too pushy. If you spare the girl from the banal ritual of making the acquaintance, consisting of standard and boring phrases, she will be grateful to you and will definitely respond to your message.

Another great topic is pets. If you saw a dog, cat, hamster, whatever in the photo – text about it. Tell about your pets – no girl can resist the temptation to discuss her favorite cat. This is a time-tested practice. Reliable and effective.

Get personal

We all love to talk about ourselves. We really like it when the companion listens carefully to our stories about our own lives, about our ups and downs. This activates those parts of the brain that are responsible for having fun. Girls like to talk about themselves even more than men. This fact is verified by time. If you liked the girl because of a non-standard description of herself and her interests or an unusual appearance, text about it in the first message.

Ask her some interesting question that will kick-start a conversation about her. Do it so that she begins to talk about herself and believe me – no girl will be able to stop. At some point, she’ll realize that she has told about herself so much that now you are close to each other. Now you have a spiritual connection, and this is exactly what you need.







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