Bestgfe Review: Games, Fun, Entertainment? No, A Load Of Crap!

GFE has one meaning, and really one meaning only, no matter what Bestgfe tries to spin it as. GFE stands for “girlfriend experience” and if you are searching for something like that, you are essentially looking for an escort of some sort.

Bestgfe tries to say that their site name means “Best Games, Fun Entertainment,” but honestly that is just a ruse. And if you are one who is truly looking for an escort, I’m here to tell you that Bestgfe isn’t your best option, and you would do best to avoid this site. Trust me, I’m FAR more knowledgeable in this department than you.

Bestgfe site

The BestGFE Forum Rundown

Allow me to kick things off explaining what a GFE is…

A “girlfriend experience” is paying for sex. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. Bestgfe wants you to believe that you are going to get some super-hot ladies of the night by using their site, but I can pretty much guarantee you that you won’t.

Nobody needs to pay for sex! There are so many legit adult dating sites out there where girls actually want to meet you and have a great time in the sack. To me, the GFE is just a risk I’m not willing to take.

Their Spin

Bestgfe likes to call their girls cutesy names, like GFE escorts, City Girls, and XO Companions, Massage Friends. But don’t be fooled by the various names, each of these women will only sleep with you if you pay them.

The only word they need to call these girls is prostitute.

The Warning Signs

There are certain things that all scam sites do in common, and Bestgfe is no different.

As soon as you visit Bestgfe, you are greeted with a warning from the company. This is the way they cover themselves because they are essentially dealing with criminal behavior. Notice I say they are covering their own behinds. They don’t care about yours at all!

What you will come across next is the plethora of banners and ads for other escort sites and services. These companies have paid to have their info displayed, so there is no vetting there and who knows what they actually lead to! These banners are absolutely everywhere on this site, so get used to seeing them clog up your screen.

The Forums

Forums are broken down into various subsections and divided up by location. So, if you are in a major city and want to find a sex spa or a good restaurant, you supposedly can. However, just know that these forums have very little activity and the number of reviews in major cities are quite low.

That should be another red flag that this site isn’t popular and is most likely full of fake reviews. Why do I think they’re fake?

Think about it:

If you were law enforcement, wouldn’t you try and find out where people are meeting escorts by going onto an escort site and posing as a girl?

If you are the “John,”are you going to risk linking your name to a sex spa review or a review of the illegal escort you just got done banging?

Who in their right mind would post an honest review to a site like this? I’m quite sure these are fakes, trolls, or people just bored out of their minds.

Although, if you aren’t smart enough to avoid escort sites, you might not be smart enough to not post things to said escort site.

Just sayin’.

The Showcase

The Showcase on Bestgfe is just a way to focus on the hotties they say you will have access to. The most recent activity was around 2017, yet another warning sign.

You can also do a search online and see that these pictures are used on a variety of sites and they are just pictures being ripped off from online models in an attempt to entice you. The women in these pictures are not going to show up for a sex session with you, you are literally playing Russian Roulette when you put in a request.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, why would anyone need to pay for sex anymore? There are so many sites out there where you can arrange hot dates with women who are more than happy to rock your world for free.

Bestgfe is nothing but another bad Backpage clone full of fakes, frauds, and possible law enforcement looking to rip you off or bust you. Trust me when I say that you’ll eventually get burned using this forum. Instead, join one of the sites below.