BlackCrush is a dating site that, if you can’t obviously tell by the name, helps you hook up with an ebony lady. I love black women so I thought this would be a good site to try my luck and score a nice piece of ass. This site is one of many talked about here that cater to men looking for black women. Find out if I had any luck and my recommendation in my full review below.

Is Black Crush Legit?

Before I go into greater detail, here are my higher level observations on this site and what you need to know most importantly:

  • This site isn’t free. While they advertise that they are, the site can be quite expensive.
  • They use fake profiles, which they call “Fantasy Cupids” as part of their marketing tactics. It makes the site look more populated and active.
  • Be ready for a lot of automated messages from the Fantasy Cupids once you join the site.
  • You’ll be enticed to communicate with the fake profiles, which will require you to become a paying member.
  • Lastly, and most critically, you meet any hot black girls to hook up with on this site.

finding a hookup on

Now with the major points out of the way, let’s get into more detail.

Once you visit the site you’ll be immediately tempted by all the photos of beautiful black women that litter the site design. They’re all smoke shows and I’d be lucky to bang any of them. But the question is – are they real? I had to find out for myself. After signing up and becoming a paying member, I immediately regretted my decision. After a couple months, I am still waiting to meet anybody in person.

This is a great niche and one I’d love to have some success with, but unfortunately, this site uses all the scamming practices that have become pretty standard in a lot of these kinds of dating sites.

Red Flags

I always preach that you should first read the Terms and Conditions of a site before you join. If it weren’t for the purpose of doing a fully-vetted review of this site, I never would have joined. There were a lot of red flags in their terms that just scream that it’s a scam site.

You’ll see the term “Fantasy Cuties”. Whenever you see something like this (or similar sounding), run away as fast as you can. This site, in particular, has the same tactic. This means that the company creates fictitious profiles, sends fake automated messages, and basically are just created to lure you into joining the site since it appears to be so active and full of beautiful ladies.

In my time spent on the site, I fear that all of my interactions were with fake Fantasy Cuties and not with any real women at all. There may be some diamonds in the rough in there. I certainly didn’t find them, and I gave it an honest effort.

Another red flag was that I started getting messages as soon as I created an account. What kind of girl just starts sending messages to a profile that hasn’t been filled out yet? It was just a username, basically. No photos, no profile information. This is a huge warning sign that the messages are automated.

I sent some replies to these, and also sent messages to profiles that interested me. I can confidently say I probably never actually interacted with a real human.

In Conclusion – You Won’t Find a Partner on BlackCrush

As if I didn’t say it enough already above, you won’t find any real people to communicate with this on Black Crush. You absolutely will not get laid. I took the bullet for you so you don’t have to waste your money on this one.

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