I like to date black women on occasion. It’s why I’m a frequenter of sites like BlackFling (which you can read about here). There’s tons of sties just like that one that cater to people looking to date black women, and since it’s a fancy of mine, I like to try them out and test my luck.

So I came across the site BlackSingles and was instantly turned off by it, discovering that it’s part of a network of sites that I just don’t trust. Ever herar of sites like JDate or ChristianMingle? BlackSingles should be familiar to you then, as they are all part of the network of sites and all of them employ the same scammy tactics to take your money.  Read more below for my full review, but you got the jist of it already.

review of the dating site Review

Unfortunately, the only thing I found at this site is that they’re looking to take your personal info and your money. You will not find a date with a local black woman, that much is for sure. I knew from the beginning that BlackSingles was a scam, but for the purpose of fully vetting it for review on this site, I decided to keep moving forward.

I found just what I thought I would – there were no real dates to be had with women in my area. If you’ve seen one scammy dating site, then you’ve seen them all. The site looks attractive on the surface, but when you look behind the curtain you find that there is no substance.

I gave it an honest shot for a month and found that there was not a single interaction that was real. The site is full of bots, automated, fake profiles that are just there to populate the site and make it look more popular.

These bot profiles will then flood your inbox when you sign up. It makes you think that there’s a lot of opportunities out there. But in order to read the messages, you have to become a paying member. That’s the catch. Once you pay and read the messages, it’s very evident that they are fake and you aren’t talking to a real potential partner. The good news is that this is cheaper than other sites. It’s just $9.99 for a month, so at least it was less of a dent in my wallet.

On top of the fake profiles, if you read the terms you see that they also retain the right to reuse the information from your profile. This includes your photos you upload. They then repurpose these for fake profiles on other sites in their network. Not cool. It’s all there in the terms and conditions – whatever info you give them, you granted them the right to do whatever they want with it. They’re probably scamming other suckers with your info.

Canceling Your Account

At least this part was easy to do in their interface. I got off this site real quick and went back to BlackFling. Here’s their contact info if you have any problems canceling, but it was a smooth process for me.

BlackSingles, c/o Spark Networks® Limited
PO Box 540
Lehi, UT 84043

Phone Number:
(800) 942-1495


In Conclusion – Avoid This Site!

This site is the same formula that you see at all the other scam sites. It was really easy to spot it right at the beginning. Having done a ton of these reviews, I can find a scam site right away.

These sites are built for automation. They set up a network, steal personal info and make new, fake profiles. These profiles then send messages to new members and entice them to sign up for a paid membership. Rinse and repeat this process and count the money as it rolls in. I’ve seen this all before, and I urge you to stay away from networks like these.

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