Bootymatches Review

If you want to meet some local friends with benefits, Bootymatches might be the perfect adult casual dating site for you. If you can look away from the sexy graphic that this site has chosen, you can quickly and easily sign up within seconds and begin looking for some hot booty call online. Bootymatches has been designed to look and feel like a Facebook for adult dating, but don’t let that fool you. This site is legitimate and within hours you can be having the hookup of your dreams!


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Logging In to

The landing page is clean and simple, and you get to look at a nice, round booty while you sign up. They ask for general information, such as your display name, your gender, if you’re a couple, what you’re looking for (including couples, singles, transsexuals), and what you’re interested in. This may be just flirting, sexual relations, fetish play, etc. Once you submit your info, they will send you an email to confirm, so make sure you check your spam folder. Without confirmation, you can’t log in!

As is typical of an online dating website, you’re going to get pop-up’s pretty quickly once logging in. Don’t let it bum you out, this is common practice and something to be expected if you want to find a booty call quickly and easily. Trust me, Bootymatches is going to deliver for you!

I’ve Logged In, Now What?

Once you’ve got a profile up and running, you can find local matches and send out friend requests. This is just to wet your appetite for a paid membership, though. If you want the full effect of Bootymatches, you’re going to want to upgrade to a premium membership to really get access to the local hotties that want to have a hot and steamy booty call just as much as you do!

What Can I Get?

Bootymatches offers you various search criteria so you can find the right NSA sex-kitten to make your fantasies come true, whether they be vanilla or a little kinkier. You can browse by location, age, gender and you can peruse the pictures of the newest online members. Whatever you’re looking for, you will most likely find it here, from same-sex hookups, steamy three-ways, a new experience with a transsexual, or just some flirty, dirty talk with a sexy single that leads to an NSA encounter.

What’s It Cost?

Free is all good until you really want to get some hot action. When you’ve poked around enough with the free membership, you can upgrade to a premium Bootymatches membership level. The premium level gives you so much more including: unlimited visits to member profiles, viewing their entire profile gallery of video’s and pictures, and unlimited messaging. Like all dating sites, the longer you commit to being a member, the cheaper it becomes.

Look at this deal:

  • One Month-$29.99 a month/billed monthly
  • Three Months-$19.99 a month/billed quarterly
  • Six Months-$14.99 a month/billed every 180 days

Is It Safe? is pretty safe, I’ll admit. They are strict on their policies and the safety of their members, with increased alert levels that not only protect you but also protect the integrity of their site. You are personally responsible for what you present, duh, and you shouldn’t try to transfer accounts, mess with copyrighting, and gain any benefit from the site itself, other than booty calls!

You are free to be your freaky sexual self, but the site will take down anything they deem too “out there”. There are ways to block people who are bothering you and for goodness sakes, be careful when clicking external links on the site. Use a little caution and you’ll be fine.

Pros of

  • It’s safe
  • You can tell who’s online at any given time
  • Flirt and chat features
  • Customer support
  • Premium membership access

Cons of

  • There isn’t much, really, other than some sub-par pictures and a good deal of pop-ups

Should I Do It?

I would say that you should definitely give Bootymatches a try. They are safe, easy to use, and offer everyone a chance to find exactly what they are looking for. The site is inclusive of all sexualities and is an excellent way to find that sexy booty call you’ve been hoping for, both quickly and easily.