BPOSX Review

Every so often we venture out in search for other casual sex community sites. That’s exactly how we came across the bposx website. It’s one that is very catchy if you’re into girls wearing lingerie, thongs, and other naughty outfits. But what the heck is it all about?

What Is BPOSX?

BPOSX is very specifically an escort procurement site. As a site quite popular for this, the company has connections to a slew of other, similar services and can connect you to individuals that may not even have a direct BPOSX connection. The site has been running for just under 6 years, during which time it has gone through several transformations. Originally, BPOSX.com only displayed connections to an array of other escort and sexually-based services such as Backpage and FetLife. Now, however, they also offer their own in-house delivery services for things such as happy massages and full-body rubdowns.



BPOSX – A Search Engine That Works – But Is It Worth It?

BPOSX hosts a highly accurate search engine. With our home offices being located in NYC and most of us live fairly close by, we had no problem dialing up several diverse services within a day of registering with the site. We did notice that there tend to be a lot more services concentrated around major metropolitan areas, but this is something that most major sex service sites like this one usually offer.

One thing we would ask BPOSX to improve upon are the thumbnail images. It seems that when workers upload images to their user profiles, they are highly compressed, and thus limited to resolution size. In several cases the individuals we found on the sites search engine needed to send us additional images outside of the site, something we’d never recommend.

A Full Line of Services

The array of services that BPOSX offers are very diverse. Among the types of services we saw offered were:

  • Exotic Dancing
  • Animal Shows
  • Adult Cuddling
  • Full-Body Rubdowns
  • Sensual Massages
  • BDSM and Dominatrix Services

This site also had primarily real user profiles, something we hardly ever see. This is partially due to BPOSX requiring that any and every user who registers must provide an actual, physical address and contact phone number. This assures that first-time visitors won’t be scammed immediately after searching for services, a struggle that long-time sex date site users are all too familiar with.

One thing that did frustrate us was how often we were redirected to 3rd party sites when using this site. While the sites that this site redirects its users to are generally reputable, we are curious as to why this is necessary when the home site has a full list of available services. They would be wise to update these links as well, as the content shown was often outdated by several years.

Our Conclusion

While the website does boast a robust search engine and a wide array of services, they, unfortunately, overshadow this with several redirects and an outdated image base. The site started as an above average sex service site, but as the years have progressed it has become something more akin to average. If you’re looking for something a little more robust, let us recommend AdultFriendFinder – click here for our official review.