When some people think of Caliente, then are likely thinking of Spanish term hot. Well, that’s not what I think about when I hear that word. I directly relate it to and that makes me think of hot latina women. See, I’m willing to guess that so many people come across and think that it’s just a dating website (like the others on here) for Spanish speaking people but that’s not the case.

Caliente.comIt’s a casual dating website that’s been created for both English and Spanish-speaking people. The site does a kick ass job of targeting latin people and giving many South Americans as well as folks in the United States a place to hang if they like hooking up with single Latinos and Latinas. Of course, I could not pass up the opportunity to check out this site and see what they truly have to offer their members. I’ll dive right in here and spare you any further wait.

review of caliente adult dating site

My Experience Using Caliente And Meeting Latina Girls Online

The first thing that I must tell you is that this site does work. It’s actually one of the few that I can actually use to meet a significant number of latina women in about a 3-mile radius of my house. After using the site on and off for about ten days, I was able to fuck a smoking hot girl. After taking her on a dinner date on 8th Street in Miami, FL (also commonly known as Calle Ocho), we ended up at the Ball & Chain dance club crushing drinks. That quickly led to us heading back to my place to fuck like Latin rabbits, LOL! So, long story short, this dating site works extremely well. Now to get to the features of

Site Features

Lots of Internet hookup sites use some of the same tactics that Caliente does in order to attract men and women. The difference between this site and others is that this one works well enough to brag about and most of the others aren’t worth jack shit. As far as features are concerned, this site offers a slick mobile app when you join and it works well on any tablet too.

Caliente also has a cool “Who’s Cute” feature which is a rating game that allows you to rate 30 local site members. You can win membership upgrades for a day and other cool shit.

Let’s talk navigation. This site is built out to function like some of the best dating websites on the planet. The navigation on this is almost flawless and it’s by far one of the best that I’ve ever used. I expect nothing less than that from the company that is behind the site. That’s because they are truly the bomb! It’s comforting to know that a truly genius group of individuals know what simplicity and effectiveness means. You can tell just by how easy the site is to use.

Hooking Up

Bottomline is this, you can and will be able to find someone to have sex with on Caliente. Some of the girls even travel to meet guys that want to fuck them. The site has hundreds of thousands of members and they are all very open to casual sex and more. Meet up and fuck. Shit’s simple as that really!

Customer Safety & Support

Music to your ears, Caliente is one of the few dating sites out there that take pride in helping you hook up in a safe and secure platform. They have moderators that observe user behavior and they do not put up with any fraud or risk. Most adult dating sites don’t give a fuck about their members. Not these guys, they care a bunch and put in the work to keep your personal information safe as can be.

Membership Cost & Value

You don’t have to break the piggy bank open to try this site out. Thankfully, they offer a simple trial period that allows members to get a taste of the site itself before committing to a full membership. Register for free and visit the upgrade page. You’ll find a number of different opportunities that exist by doing so.


If there is one thing that I truly care about it’s simplicity. I talk about how important simplicity is on a regular basis and I don’t think I’ve come across a more basic yet effective dating site in my entire life. In fact, all the sites these guys create are simple and effective.

Searching For Sex

As far as searching for sex goes, this site is a winner for sure. All you need to do is test the advanced search features out and you’ll soon realize how easy it is to use. The search options are endless. Just give it a shot and let me know what you think.

In Conclusion: Caliente Does the Job

I can’t say enough good things about Caliente and the creators that came up with this idea. The fact that I like Latina girls and black booty is enough for me to want to keep using the site to this day. While it’s not the absolute best, it’s one worth looking into joining.