I know how hard it is to find a good dating site, especially a good casual dating site. I tried out to see if it was legit or just another scam site that takes money from horny guys. Pardon my French, but is a casual fucking scam. I could tell right away, but I wanted to get some proof. Here is what I found out about this fuck dating site. I’d suggest you read the entire review to get the full story!


review of the dating site casualfuckdate

CasualFuckDate Getting Exposed In My Personal Review

I should have known when I visited the site and seen the cheesy layout that this was going to be a cheap knock-off of a hookup site. A hot chick stands there with huge tits as you sign up and she is obviously a model. You are not likely to meet a chick that looks like this on this site or any real girls at all for that matter. I didn’t get very far at all before the red flags started coming up everywhere. This site is really obvious about scamming you. You have to be really gullible to fall for it. I’m not gullible at all at this point because I have had some experience. I still looked around to see what the site was all about so I could give it a fair review.

Sign Up Illusions likes to give the illusion that they have a lot of hardcore content inside so the first thing you have to do is confirm that you are 18 or older. Then you have to agree with some silly guidelines to help make the site look legit. That is the last you will see of because you are redirected to The original site was just a landing page for this website. It’s just a landing page connected to another typical scam site. Avoid these types of sites at all costs. The rest of the signup process is just your standard crappy questionnaire where you answer one question at a time as you click through page after page.

Messaging, What Messaging?

There was no messaging to speak of. Well, I take that back. There were a lot of messages sent, by fake bots that is. My e-mail was flooded with messages that were obviously automatically generated, prompting me to pay for a membership. I have seen some dating scams on other sites I talk about here in my day but this one just insults your intelligence. This is the type of scam site that lures in only the most inexperienced beginners who believe everything that they see on the Internet. I couldn’t imagine going through the entire sign-up process without laughing about how lame their attempt is at getting me to sign up.

Phone Calls

Perhaps I’m being harsh on this site. No, I’m not! Hookup sites like this give other ones a bad name. Sadly, most of them are like this, but this one is especially ridiculous. When you are registering for a dating site and you are redirected to another site before you even get in; run for the hills. It’s only going to get worse from there. You also run the risk of having multiple charges on your credit card because you aren’t getting anywhere on a site like this without paying. That said, I didn’t get close to having a phone conversation with anyone. It wasn’t even by a long shot.

Meet Ups

I never met a real girl at CasualFuckDate so it goes without saying that I never ended up meeting up with anyone at all. The only thing that this site is good for is staring at the nude brunette with huge tits that is on the front page. I have seen sites try to scam you in many different ways and this is one of the lower level ones that makes it obvious. Of course, there are no terms on the site that speak of this because it’s such a scam. I’m surprised that they don’t have more legal trouble than they do.

In Conclusion – Stay the Fuck Away From CasualFuckDate

Besides HookUpsFinder; CasualFuckDate is also connected to and These are also well-known scam sites. Some of the profiles had pictures of amateur internet models that I knew. The images are stolen and the profiles are fake. It’s so easy to tell that it’s crazy if you don’t realize it. It seemed like everywhere I clicked there was more evidence that this site is a scam. It redirects to other sites and sends you a lot of spam e-mail and fake messages. Stay away from sites like this unless you want to see what a scam site looks like. Feel free to check it out, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. At least now you know what to watch out for. I wouldn’t waste my time though if I were you.