Who doesn’t like hooking up with cheating cougars? I’m a huge fan of having sex with mature women and using a hookup site to meet a local cougar makes a lot of sense. However, you need to be careful with the site that you’re using. Find out if the Cheating Cougars dating site is one of the useful sites. The theme of the Cheating Cougars niche dating site is evident in their name and their site presentation. The site features a gorgeous older lady with her tits hanging out on the front cover. Pure bliss for a cougar lover like myself.

In case you didn’t know; a cougar is a term used to describe older ladies who commonly hook up with younger men. Oh, and if you didn’t realize it, there are LOTS of cougars out there that like young guys. The real question is, can being a member of this site really help you find a willing and cheating cougar to hook up with? Either that or is it just another one of the scam dating websites that flood the Internet? Well, fortunately for you, the scam they are trying to run is immediately evident. Check out my review below.

review of cheatingcougars dating site for adults

Here’s What I Learned at CheatingCougars…

Let me start by breaking things down for you from a user’s perspective…As you click through some simple but useless questions to access the site, a picture of a sexy, nude cougar pops up. This is how they lure you further into the site. Of course, they’re going to show you some smoking hot cougar to give you the feeling that you’re on the right track. Unfortunately, it is sadly the hottest woman and most action you are ever going to see while you are there. Once you get through another series of silly questions (clearly meant to titillate, like “have you ever tried anal sex”) you are then “declared” eligible to register. I know, it’s complete bullshit and you’ll be eligible regardless of your answers. It’s just a marketing tactic.

Now, the “scam” is revealed in writing on the page where you’re asked to enter your desired display name, password, and e-mail. If you look closely, in small letters, on the page, you will notice some fine print. The fine print states that the site uses something called “Online Cupids” which are fantasy profiles that the site itself has created. It also mentions that these “Online Cupids” will interact with you to encourage full participation on the site. What they are trying to say is that they have created fake profiles and they have people or bots that will interact with you to try and get you to upgrade. That’s exactly what they are trying to tell you here.

Well, it sure is nice of them to admit to their scamming practices without even having to open their terms and conditions. These Online Cupids are just another name for the same scamming practices that I see across almost every scam dating site out there. Cheating Cougars is pretty to look at and fun to navigate, but there is nothing authentic about it. You might see some hot pictures here and there, but any communication you receive from supposed members of the site are likely to be from the Online Cupids leading you on until you pay for a membership. The membership is pretty pricey and they put you in a loop of recurring charges until you cancel. This doesn’t sound like dating or entertainment to me. Actually, let me talk price now before I forget…


The cost to upgrade to be able to communicate with a cheating cougar is not cheap. You have a few options here. If you want to take the cheaper route, you can pay $2.95 for a three-day trial. This converts to a full membership once the trial is up. Either that or you can go with a 1-month membership for $29 or 3-month for $69. I’d say your best bet would be to not waste your money on this site and invest in other sites for hooking up with cougars.


If you stick with the site through their admission of their scam, you will start receiving messages from seemingly real cougars who are just dying to meet you. When you attempt to reply to these messages, you see that the site is not free at all and you have to pay for a membership before you proceed. Once you pay for a membership, you proceed to get more automated messages and any message you receive from a real person is clearly an employee of the site who is just there to get you to keep using it until your next recurring payment comes out.

Phone Calls

If you are looking to get the digits of a hot cougar so you can have a sexy good time over the phone, you might as well go to another website. CheatingCougars gives you a nice, sleek presentation, but it is not there to hook you up with a hot cougar. The motivation of this site and other sites like it is just to get your credit card info so they can start charging you for their bogus service.

First Meetup For Sex

It is very unlikely that you will ever get close to a first meet up with any cougar on this site. It’s just chock full of fake profiles and the women in the profiles are probably nowhere near you even though they say they are (another scam tactic that people don’t know about). Think before you give them your personal information and especially your credit card information.

Want To Cancel?

If you get caught up in the scam of Cheating Cougars, you will eventually want to cancel. Hopefully, before too many recurring charges have been drained from your account. Make sure to cancel soon because they don’t make it easy. Click on Help and find the section Managing My Account. You will see a section called Cancel my Paid Membership. Enter your username and password and click Cancel my Paid Account. You will be taken to Your Account page that has a telephone number specific to your account. You MUST call this number to cancel. I’ve provided all the company information below if you want to contact them immediately.

Company Info:

42 Strovolos
P.C. 2028
Nicosia, Cyprus



In Conclusion – Fake Profiles, No Dates, Waste of Money

No matter how curious you are, please read the fine print on Cheating Cougars. They literally tell you everything you need to know and why you should avoid it. It’s to cover their asses legally. Sure, they give you some nice nude cougars to look at, but if that’s all you want, you would be better off joining other sites. You certainly won’t find a date or a hookup. All you will find here is different ways to take your money. There much better cougar sites out there.