I came across this dating site and thought it was only right for me to investigate things. The online hookup site promises to provide you with a naughty experience with a hot married woman and they also promise to provide you a free sex hookup experience. You’re going to want to read all the Cheating Hookup reviews online (in addition to this one) before making any decisions to join. Sadly, they don’t come through on either of those promises.

They don’t provide a naughty experience with a hot married woman because you aren’t even likely to interact with a real woman at all. They don’t provide you with a free online hookup experience because they make you pay a membership fee before you are able to read or send messages. It might look promising on the surface, but after investigating further, I determined that it’s just another social site filled with false promises.

They are affiliated with other sites you can find here like and All of these sites share the same typical scamming practices. Many of their tactics are specifically outlined in their terms and conditions. However, that doesn’t make it okay for them to cheat you out of a great online dating experience. Trust me, you want to take a minute to read them. Read some of the Cheating Hookup reviews for details on why this site should be avoided.

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My Experience at Cheating Hookup

The main reason that you should avoid is explained right in their Terms and Conditions. This is where you will find the term “Online Cupid.” I have come across many bad dating sites that use this term. They do so to describe the marketing tactics applied to convince surfers to pay for a membership.

As explained in their fine print, the term “Online Cupids” pertain to fake profiles on the site that they claim are there for entertainment purposes. The company literally goes out of their way to create these profiles. This term also describes the computer generated messages you receive that they admit are generated without human involvement.

Why would you want to pay for a membership just so you can interact with fake profile and computer generated messages? Seems like a huge waste of time to me. If you aren’t interacting with real users then you’re certainly not meeting them to have an affair.

If adult entertainment is all you are looking for, you can get it much cheaper elsewhere. All you need to do is find a porn site that doesn’t need to deceive you to get you to pay for a membership. If you do happen to interact with a real woman, it is purely by chance and may also be a part of their deceptions.

Some of their “Online Cupids” include employees paid by the site to interact with you and encourage you to continue using it. This really pisses me off about this site. Before paying for a membership to any site, read their terms and look around for red flags. No matter what, if you see the term Online Cupid or entertainment profiles, you should run like hell. This is a clever way to make a dating site look much bigger than actual.

As for my personal experience, I did not communicate with one real woman, not even a paid employee. See below for more details of my experience in the next section of my review.

My Experience

I read the terms and conditions before I signed up and noticed that it was clearly a scam, but I continued anyway to confirm my suspicions that CheatingHookup was a complete scam. Typically, I like cheating hookup reviews to include personal experiences so I can determine accurately that it’s a scam without having to speculate. Since I did not find any on the web, I left mine below.

I started the registration process, signed up, and created my profile. Following that action, I started getting messages from tons of hot married women. The women claim to have the desire to cheat. This left me curious because I wasn’t even finished filling out my profile. I had no profile pic, no personal info or anything like that.

AI spent the $29.95 for a monthly membership so that I could read messages sent. I could read or respond to these messages until I took this step. My suspicions were confirmed immediately when none of the women responded to my messages. Nothing but crickets and talking to myself online. Seems like I spent hours online with zero progress using Cheating Hookup.

Site Features

This site has the standard search options and profile creation. Cheating Hookup also offers a “Buddy Section.” This section is where you can send and accept requests from people. You can add a buddy or block any unwanted users from contacting you. They also have live cams that you can pay for and live chat (only be accessed) if you pay.

You can also watch adult videos on the site, but it’s hardly worth the price of membership just to watch some shitty porn clips. No need to do that when there are tons of tube sites out there spreading free porn like wild fire.

In Conclusion – No Hookups

The bottom line is that there are almost no great qualities of the Cheating Hookup site. The only things remotely worth a membership fee on this site are the live webcams and that’s it. Why would you need to visit an expensive so-called hookup site just to watch porn? There are plenty of sites where you can get content like this for free or for a greatly reduced fee.

If you are looking for a genuine hookup experience, don’t even give this site a second look. Avoid Online Cupids and any site referencing this term like the plague in your search for sex on the Internet. If you see “Online Cupids” on any site, it usually means that almost all of their profiles and messages are fake. There is almost no chance of meeting a real cheating wife on this site, so don’t bother.