Cheeky Devil is a dating site from the UK. It has a sexy edge and promises to hook you up with a hot British bird. I’m not from England, but I signed up for the site for the sake of this review. I wanted to determine whether it was legit or not. What I found was the same thing that I found on many of the dating sites that I have investigated that turned out to be scams. As with most scam sites, they claim to be free to join, but joining is one of the only things you can do for free.

You can sign up, create a profile, post pictures and browse, but you cannot interact with any other members until you pay their monthly fee. I gave the site a chance despite seeing some red flags from the beginning and it proved to be a scam every step of the way. Read my detailed review below and you will see why CheekyDevil is not a site dedicated to helping you hook up with hot British girls. They are only dedicated to taking your money.

Cheeky Devil UK Dating Site Review

One thing that is always a sure sign of a fake dating or hookup site is the amount of really hot women that pop up no matter where you search. A real dating site is going to have women here and there who are not that attractive because that is just the reality. There is no real dating site out there that has nothing but gorgeous women. If it looks too good to be true that usually means that it is. I even did an image search on some of the really hot pictures and found out that they were posted on amateur porn sites.

This is the oldest trick in the book. Obtain pictures of lesser known porn stars and internet models and use them for fake profiles. There is nothing genuine about your experience at Cheeky Devil. Everything you click on is just a marketing strategy to make you think it’s a real dating site and keep you on the line until another monthly charge can be automatically taken out of your account.

Many dating sites will admit to deceiving you with fake profiles and computer generated messages in their Terms and Conditions, but this site does not. I had to try it for myself before I realized that it was just more of the same scam that I have seen time and time again. Check out my personal experience in the next section and I will let you know how I found out that it was a scam.

My UK Dating Experience Using Cheeky Devil

When I first signed in and created a profile on Cheeky Devil, I waited for the next red flag and it wasn’t long before it came. I started receiving multiple messages and chat requests for gorgeous women and each one was hotter than the other. Actually, I got so many that I thought this was going to be a great free sexting website to add to my list. I was completely wrong! Of course, I could not respond to any of these messages until I paid.

After paying for a membership, these ladies who were so eager to talk to me were now ignoring me. If this happens to you, it’s best to cancel your membership immediately. I did receive responses from some of the profiles I searched and sent messages to, but none of them turned out to be genuine. They were either very generic and obvious fakes or they were flirty messages that never gave a proper response to anything I said.

Website Features

Cheeky Devil is pretty straightforward with standard features that don’t really stand out among other dating sites. I have actually tried many shady dating sites like others I talk about here that at least have a few more features for entertainment value, but this one is very bare bones. It has the standard search, standard messaging interface and standard chat. There is also an activity page that shows how many admirers you have, how many flirts you receive and billing history. You can also see who has visited your profile. These features are virtually worthless considering that you never interact with any real women. Every message and profile are there to get you to continue paying money and nothing more.

Company Info / Support

Need to reach out to Cheeky Devil support for something? Maybe canceling your membership? Here’s the information that you need!

Linking Lovers Ltd.
Regent Street
3rd Floor
W1B 3HH London


+31 36 548 3920

In Conclusion – Huge Scam, Avoid at All Costs

Cheeky Devil may not admit to their scamming practices in their Terms and Conditions. However, they were certainly apparent to me. I wondered what I would do if I actually connected with a British girl. I don’t really live in England but being there was enough. However, I never even interacted with a real girl. Nothing but fake interaction meant to lead me on. Definitely, avoid this United Kingdom dating site at all costs.