Typically I don’t write a lot about mainstream dating sites on this site  but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share my insights on Chemistry. This will sound strange but I was somewhat forced into trying this site after all my friends were talking about it. I couldn’t help but be curious about Chemistry. I’ve taken the time to share everything I know about this website and if you’re looking to find out whether or not this is truly a scam or not then I suggest you keep reading. You’ve been warned, you may not like what you’re about to read!

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My Experience with

For those of you that may not be familiar with what Chemistry is, it’s an extremely popular online dating website that a lot of mainstream folks use in hopes of meeting someone special. The sites typically meant for connecting you with people that want something semi-serious but I said screw it and decided to join to try it out.

After completing a long ten-minute compatibility test and providing everything but my vitals, I was soon a member of the site. What does is match you with five individuals. The first five matches, well, those are free. Seems too good to be true right? Is that really how simple it is or is there something else that Chemistry is hiding? Perhaps they are scamming their users just like the other dirtbags out there? I’ll get to the very shortly!


What you need to understand is that is owned and operated by a company called, LLC. As you’ve probably figured out, is owned by them as well. is a scam and I’ve covered that in another review so I won’t get into that, but what you need to know is that uses the same system and approach as Match.

Your Personal Data Is Not Yours

One really fucked up thing that does is take away any rights that you have to any images or context that you’ve written on the site. Everything that you do on the site, they own and all those photos that you upload, they own those too. Even worse, the terms and conditions state that you’re giving up the rights the second that you become a member of the site.

What does that mean?

That means Chemistry is legally able to use any of your profile photos to promote the website. You’re giving up your rights so the both, and any other dating site that they have owns your personal data.

Multiple Profiles

The fact that you’ve agreed to their terms which clearly state that you’re giving up your rights to your data only leads me to believe that Chemistry can and will create multiple profiles on other dating sites they own to populate sites. That said, some of the people that you come across on Chemistry may not even be real members. They may have joined from another site and their profile could be replicated as a fake profile. If I were you, I wouldn’t post anything on this site at all!

Emails on Have No Chemistry

Chemistry states that the emails and messages that you receive may not be from real members. They don’t state it directly but they do so by stating that emails may be transactional which means from real people or relationship communications relating to the Service which means computer-generated messages. The site reserves that right to have their employees send messages to you via the messaging system.

It’s Not A Free Site

Once again, if you though it was free then you’re going to be disappointed to hear this news. Running dating sites is expensive and they need to make money to be able to afford to continue to run them. That’s why costs at least $49.95 for a month membership. If fact, your card will be charged an additional $49.95 per month each continuous month until you cancel the membership.

Common Questions

Is is easy to find a chemistry coupon online? If you are really interested in joining, you can easily find a Chemistry coupon on sites like RetailMeNot and other coupon pushing websites.

Are there other dating sites with free trials? Absolutely! There are a lot of other dating sites with free trials on the Internet. Almost all of the sites are better than Chemistry. I’ve tried almost all the websites that I’ve joined for free (initially).

Is the chemistry app android friendly? Yes, the app friendly regardless of the operating system your phone is on. I personally prefer to use iOS versus Andriod but that’s my personal opinion.

Is the personality test mandatory? No, it’s not 100% mandatory but the site operators do recommend that people who are serious about dating take the test. I am not going to sit here and suggest that you join and take the test. In fact, I like plenty of other sites that don’t require tests and that guarantee sex in the first month.

In Conclusion – Don’t Waste Your Time and Money Here

After spending some time on and taking the chance to use a mainstream dating site in order to get laid my results were not shocking. For starters, I think the site is a rip off due to the high price. Second, I think they are trying to scam users and create a larger dating pool across multiple sites without users knowing. I would never recommend that anyone join this site.