If you’ve been a reader of this site, you know I have a thing for Asian women. Call it a fetish, if you will. They seriously have the tightest pussies on the planet of anyone I’ve ever been with. I can’t get enough.

For that reason, I love dating sites, as you can tell by this site,  in the Asian niche so I took a chance on to see what it’s all about. It’s supposed to hook you up with hot women from Eastern China, so I had to find out for myself.

There is good news and bad news about this site. The good news – there are actually real women on the site to interact with. Unfortunately, the bad news, it is costly. While other sites give you unlimited messaging once you become a paid member, this site costs you $3.99 per message! That can add up to a hefty sum, made even worse when you find out most of the profiles you’re interacting with are fake.

I’ll provide my full review below, but in short, this site is not worth the cost nor the hassle. There were a lot of red flags in their Terms and Conditions that should have tipped me off right away, but for the purpose of providing a review on this site, I took the plunge so you don’t have to.

My Experience with ChinaWomenDating

The first thing that tipped me off that I should stay away is that this even a site of its own, as you immediately get redirected to This is just a landing site for a network of sites in the Asian niche. They use all these different websites to funnel into this one. Once you get there, you find that it is very expensive.

After taking a close look at their Terms on their site, I found that a third-party agency is used to actually recruit women to their site. They assist them with creating their profile and with translation. The sole face that they have to hire people to get women to the site tells you all you need to know. The agency probably gets a share of the money they bring in with these profiles, so it’s in their best interest to get them to keep sending you messages which cost you every time you reply.

The worst part of it all is that they have no intention of ever meeting you in person. They just want to string you along and bilk you out of your money one message at a time. Still, I decided to keep going on to uncover all that there is to be known about this site so you don’t have to.

What I Found Through Using ChinaWomenDating

There were more suspicious practices beyond just charging you for every message. Primarily, all of the women were way too hot to be real. These women in the photos don’t need a site like this to get laid. They look like models. And they’re begging to chat with me as soon as I sign up?

I wasn’t even finished with my profile creation before my inbox started blowing up. That’s a huge red flag for me that I see all the time on scam sites and a clear indication that the profiles are fake.

I decided to message with a few of them and I got the same thing every time. They would flirt with me but would never show any interest in going to the next level. They kept their distance but communicated enticingly enough to keep me on the hook and chatting back and forth.

On top of messaging, there are features like sending gifts and text messages and having phone calls, and of course, all of it is expensive.

How to Contact the Site

What I found odd is that the site is based in Virginia. What the fuck? Anyway, here’s their info if you want to tell them to fuck off.

Mailing Address:
450 Spring Park Place
Suite 100
Herndon, VA 20170


+1 (800) 311-7598

In Conclusion – Not Worth the Money

The sad truth of this site is that it costs a lot of money, and it’s not worth the money at all. The woman you’re communicating with is probably not even the person in the photos, and you’re racking up a big bill just for the pleasure of trading those messages that go nowhere. There are many great Asian dating sites out there, but this is not one of them.