Dirty Things To Say To A Girl (If You Want To Hookup)

Women want to be stimulated in bed. While men tend to be more visual in nature, women require a little bit more to get them going. This is why learning the art of dirty talk can be tremendously useful in stimulating your lady-friend mentally, getting her hot and ready for some sexy times. The bottom line is that you need to know the dirty things to say to a girl if you want to get laid. Plain and simple, that’s a necessity.

Really? Dirty Talk? Are You Sure?

The short answer to this is: Absolutely!

It has long been said that women are more cerebral about sex. They want something more than just a quick “wham, bam, thank you, Ma’am. They want to hear what you are planning to do to them. They want to be played with. They want to be teased. They want mental stimulation to prepare them for the physical.

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Important Tip: Dirty Things To Say To A Woman You Wanna Bang

If you can use dirty talk correctly, you will have women eating from the palm of your hand, pursuing, no, begging, you for your time.

Before you start spouting off the filth to just anyone, you need to think a little bit first. I know, I know, you want to get busy, but trust me here. If you stop and think about how and what you say, you’ll have all the women you’ve ever wanted in no time.

Who Likes Dirty Talk?

You need to understand, if it is done properly, ALL women like dirty talk! And by properly, I mean don’t just go dropping all the nasty language you hear in pornos right off the bat. Instead, you need to warm your lady up a little first and cater your talk to her tastes.

The Warm-Up

For dirty talking to work, your lady needs to feel comfortable with you. You want to build up your relationship with her first. This may take weeks, or if she is a super-sexual mink, it may just be hours, but in any case, she needs to feel like she can trust you.

Getting Started

When you and your lady are comfortable with each other and things have progressed, now is the time to get the dirty talk train going. When you’re with her, on the phone, or texting, start with a little bit of naughty Q&A for some foreplay.

Things like: “What is your biggest fantasy?” or “What is the wildest you’ve been in bed?”

This will get the (creative) juices flowing, trust me.

Remember What You’ve Said and Use It Later

When you’re getting busy with your woman, it will only benefit you to compliment her. And once you’ve done that, you can use those compliments later on for dirty talk.

For example, tell her how amazing her ass looks as you give it a nice smack. Then text her later about how you can’t wait to see that perfect ass again.

Or, moan about how good her pussy feels. When you talk to her the next day, tell her how you can’t wait to feel that delicious pussy again.

And, if she happens to throw out anything during sex, like “Your cock is so huge, it fills me up” you can hit her up with “I can’t wait to fill your wet pussy with my big dick. I hope you’re ready for me to take you.”

Chat the Way You Feel Most Comfortable

For sexy talk to work, you need to feel comfortable doing it. This might mean you call her and tell her over the phone, or it might mean you text or instant message your dirty thoughts.

Whatever method you choose, make sure you are comfortable and you’re building up as much sexual tension as possible.

Keep Her Guessing

You don’t want to make this into something that is boring. You want to keep her wondering what it is you plan to do to her and you also want to keep amping up the dirty ideas. This keeps things exciting and isn’t that something we all want?

The Don’ts

There are definitely some things you don’t want to do when you’re delving into the dirty talk.

  1. Don’t sound too forced. Anything that sounds robotic is going to be a huge turn-off. Do your best to keep it sounding natural.
  2. Don’t just jump into talking dirty the instant you meet. That makes you sound like a creepy perv.
  3. Don’t go over-the-top with what you say. Porno talk might not work for every girl. If she does ask for that type of talk, by all means, unleash your dirty beast, but until you’re sure, keep it tactful.

Uh, Oh. She Didn’t Like It

If you try talking dirty and she responds in a negative manner, stop what you’re doing and look at how you did it. Did you go too fast? Did you say something just utterly filthy? Were you too aggressive? Regroup and retry the above steps and see how it goes.

In the meantime, smooth things over with some sweet talk.

What Else Can I Say?

What you should and shouldn’t say depends on your relationship and your girl. Start with little compliments about how she smells as you nuzzle her neck.

Move on to placing her hand on your crotch and telling her how she makes you crazy.

If she is a dirty girl, you can move on to asking her if she likes your cock inside her and calling her “your dirty little whore.” Be careful with that one though, some women really do not like that level of dirty talk.

Just make sure you take things slowly and gauge your woman on the level of dirty talk that is appropriate for her.

Now that you know how to talk dirty, go out there and start practicing!

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Dirty Things To Say To A Girl (If You Want To Hookup)
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