Escort Babylon Review

Let me preface this entire review with my thoughts on men who are using escorts for sex. They are losers. Seriously, why would any man need to pay for sex? There are so many sites out there where you can find a totally free hookup with women who aren’t drug addicts looking for their next “fix”.

Escort Babylon isn’t one of those sites, however. And if you are smart, you will stay far, far away from this casual sex site.

Escort Babylon review

Why Escort Babylon Stinks – Here’s Why…

When you join Escort Babylon, you’ll have to agree to their terms and conditions. This isn’t anything different from any other dating sites, so no biggie there. But do know this, when you click “I agree”, you are swearing you aren’t a john from the United States. Yep, Escort Babylon bans all users from the United States, which is a great thing in my opinion, because they are really an awful dating site.

An important thing you need to know about Escort Babylon is that they collect your personal information for using however they want. This includes monitoring your activities on their site, enforcing the terms you agreed to (but probably didn’t read when you started using the site), and provide different services to you.

This might not sound terribly awful to you, but remember those terms you didn’t read? It also states in there that they can give your personal information to third-party companies for marketing purposes (hello exploding inbox), as well as sharing your info with law enforcement.

Think about it, you signed up for a prostitution site which is admitting to guilt and now can turn you in!

And finally, Escort Babylon has a lot of third-party links and advertisements that you’ll be bombarded with. Everyone wants to make a buck and you’ll be seeing a lot of outside ads on this site. All of the links on this site, including “Live Sex Cams” and “Fuck Now” are going to be outside links.

The Pop-Ups

If you’re foolish enough to agree to the terms and sign up, you’re going to instantly be bombarded with pop-ups from a site called Secret Benefits. This is yet another crappy site that is trying to take advantage of you and please, don’t go clicking on it!

The Listings Suck

Once you’ve gotten through the labyrinth that is just signing up, you’ll be able to see the escort listings. These are not original postings, but instead, listings that have been completely ripped off from

If you want to post an ad, you’ll click on the “post ad-free” button, which then again redirects you to another site called,

The biggest thing to remember with these listings is that they are not verified and probably aren’t even real. Looking at the girls on the site, you definitely aren’t getting any beauties. They mostly look like diseased drug addicts and if you do find a random hottie, she is probably a fake who ripped off a Snapchat picture that she found.

If you do decide that you’re not going to trust me, and you want to connect with an escort, know that you can’t actually contact anyone on the site. They do have phone numbers listed, but can you really trust that? It could really be anyone and you’re totally setting yourself up for being robbed. Or worse. Think sting operation or being murdered!

And please, if you sleep with someone from Escort Babylon, get yourself tested. These are just not clean looking girls!

In Conclusion: Is The Pits, Pass Please.

I have absolutely nothing nice to say about Escort Babylon. In my opinion, it looks like it is nothing but shady dealings, drug addicts, and possible undercover cops looking for a bust. I could be wrong, but most of the time I’m accurate AF. Avoid Escort Babylon and instead join a legitimate dating site (listed here) where you don’t have to pay the girls directly to play. You only need to pay to be a member of the dating network and you can do it safely!

Other Escort Sites To Avoid

There are plenty of other escort sites you need to stay far away from. My advice would be to steer clear of USASG and TER as well. They are both no good and quite frankly, trouble beyond what you can even imagine.

Escort Babylon Review
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  • Haha haha this is a load of garbage I am on babylon and do no drugs ever don’t drink and I am very nice looking and provide classy dates. This site is a bunch of b.s.. I know of plenty of D.D free ladies that post on babylon, USASG and so on.

    • Wow, my guess is that you are probably the PRIZE SCORE of this website. Is this really a “real” comment? Look, perhaps you’re great at what you claim to do (have sex with Johns for money) and if you are then a big congratulations is in order. Now, I’m entitled to my opinion as are you. Now, there’s only one way for me to find out if you’re telling the truth. Hire you for your services. One tiny problem though, I don’t hire people to sleep with me. I have no need for it. Fortunately, I can get laid without paying for it thank you very much. But you keep doing your thing. No one is stopping you. Toodles!

  • I am also on escort Babylon and I am disease-free and not a drug addict so your stories phony you can speak for some people but not all

    • Kourtney, first of all…congrats on jerking John’s off for money. Second of all, I didn’t explicitly state that ALL girls had diseases and that ALL girls were drug addicts. Perhaps you don’t do drugs, but I’m willing to guess that lots do. I mean, with the opioid problem in America today, it’s safe to assume that many call girls are turning tricks for cash for this reason. Again, I’m entitled to my opinion as are you.

  • My guess is whoever wrote this article is a woman. Chances are the woman who wrote this article either has no man or her man cheated on her with a girl off escort Babylon. I could be wrong but just as the author replied to everyone’s rebuttals, I’m entitled to my opinion, lol. I mean seriously, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and everyone has a right to do whatever they please. If a woman wants to get money by all means get money girl no matter what your reason is. If a dude wants to spend it, spend it! But what I don’t like is the haters like the one who wrote this article. That’s so lame and whack! Like get a life of your own and stop gossiping.

    • My guess is that there’s nothing flawless about you. If there was, you wouldn’t be searching for info on how to hire a hooker. Flawless people don’t need to pay for sex. Sorry pal, but that’s the truth. Keep on keeping on or doing whatever it is that you do. Seems like you don’t have much of a life yourself, given that you took the time to leave a comment on an escort site review. ***Drops mic***

      • Lol…..and writing articles as you did…how would you know your info unless you yourself either A. went looking and tried hiring or actually hired girls. or B. was what you claim they are. Not familiar with many dating sites however i know a few girls whom use the site. Have known them for years and know what they do. Its one of a handful of safe sights too post. I suppose you will respond with a usual comeback as you have with the other posts. I give you credit though for keeping the comments up, that shows class even if some of your replys dont.

  • I’ve used escorts for sex every few months or so. I lost my wife and daughter to a drunk driver and was never interested or found any other woman. I have needs and this is a service I could satisfy those needs with. Stop being so judgmental.