FreeHookups Review

Upon first glance, FreeHookups doesn’t really mimic similar sites. This seems to be an advantage, as the content provided by the dating experts at FreeHookups is both unique and exceptional. Be prepared to receive one of the best free, online hookup experiences out there currently, and watch your dating pool expand by leaps & bounds! Stop the endless scrolling through Tinder, and start enjoying a totally free way to find hookups online. After reading, if you aren’t sold on FreeHookups, we also enjoy AdultFriendFinder – check out our AFF review here.


How FreeHookups Cultivates a Charged, Exciting Environment

Opportunities for finding a sexual partner on FreeHookups exist from the very moment you create a profile and log in. The instant messaging app starts sending you notifications almost immediately, and the cam requests will be sure to follow shortly thereafter.

Keep in mind, this site has on average over sixty million members at any given time. This means, with a little luck you can usually find what you’re looking for in just a click or two. Also, FreeHookups is open to all sexual orientations.

One of the things we like most about this site is its free, built-in forum. The creators and designers of FreeHookups have clearly put a lot of effort into its functionality, and it shows. The forum provides a number of topics to choose from, ranging from beginner material to private chats for the more active members. It’s a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who are into “kinkier” activities. If you’re more of the traditional sort, you can always just engage in the more commonly found features like SMS texting or video chats.

What Searching Is Like

As FreeHookups tends to be quite busy, you often don’t have time for detailed searches. However, if you’re truly looking for something special, you can always utilize the basic search tools provided by FreeHookups. These are tools that you would more commonly find on well-known dating sites.

All you need to do is enter any crucial keywords, and the user-specific matching tools start seeking out potential connections for you, based on factors like compatibility.

If you’re willing to go the extra mile, the upgraded subscription package gives you access to advanced search options where you can choose detailed characteristics like body shape, tastes in music, hobbies, and things that get them turned on.


Most of the preliminary features provided by FreeHookups come packaged in the free trial membership, as to give you a good idea of what you stand to receive from registering. Occasionally, new members receive a one-off prize package containing a $10 Gold Membership coupon, good for $10 credit on the site towards limited bonus access and features.

If you find that you enjoy the features, you can always upgrade to either a gold or silver membership, both of which provide access to extended features. Platinum members get the added benefit of free outside links to additional sites at just $34.95/month.

Keeping Safe

Security is a huge priority at FreeHookups. Every portion of the registration process, including membership access and sales is backed up by an SSL security protocol, ensuring that any private and personal data is kept that way.

FreeHookups also provides stellar customer service, giving you access to a number of different communication routes, as well as instruction guides for new users that also serve as great FAQs. Before engaging with the moderators of the site, if you have any questions check the FAQ first, as it covers a wide array of issues.

Some of the positives:

  • Streamlined Homepage
  • Surprise Gift Cards
  • Over Sixty Million Users
  • Free Starter Registration
  • LGBTQ Friendly
  • Often Guaranteed Hookups

A few of the negatives:

  • Tedious Registration
  • Often-Limited Member Pricing

What We Think About It

It’s no surprise that they refer to FreeHookups as the #1 site for connecting with like-minded, fun, attractive, and sexually driven individuals. The large array of membership means everyone has a good chance of finding someone they like, even perfectionists! FreeHookups is full of men, women, and non-binary individuals who are ready and willing to jump straight into real, adult situations. When paired with the advanced functionality and its online community, it’s not hard to understand why FreeHookups stays on the top of the list. Want to know what else is on the list? I suggest reading the index page for all the details.