Fuckdate Review

You need to be very careful of any and all adult dating sites you join, especially when you are horny and want to get laid. There are so many sites out there which look great and attractive but are nothing but a trap. Are you new to adult dating sites? If you are, then you need to know many people have fallen victim to some scandalous dating sites. Fuckdate is a site within that category.

People often sign up on dating sites expecting to find someone to get down with but end up falling into a trap. Some get ripped off and have their money taken. I’m pleased to let you know Fuckdate is different and not one of such sites.

I know you want to have fun without having anything to worry about, that is why I’m writing this review of Fuckdate.com. It is one of the legit dating sites around. If you are planning to sign up on the site, no doubt you have my nod.

Fuckdate Review

Is Fuckdate Authentic? [See Review Below]

Having followed each step of the dating process on the site carefully, I am confident the site is authentic. It wasn’t as simple as I would want but I paid careful attention to every detail on Fuckdate. Scams on dating sites are usually discovered from the beginning. So I had to be very careful further down when I couldn’t find any red flag from the start.

I was so pleased with Fuck Date in the end because I was extra careful with every detail on the site. You need to pay to access some features as expected but it is worth it. Fuckdate stays true to their word and offer a good value for your money.

Why you should join Fuckdate

Here are all the reasons why you should join this popular ranked dating site, which ranks among the best that exists out there today.

No ads on Fuckdate

A site without ads is a good one and will be pleasurable to navigate. That they don’t place ads on their site shows their intentions are pure. They are obviously not trying to spam your profile with promotional links. They won’t lure you into buying something you never plan to buy by deceiving you with false discount offers.

Sites with fewer or no ads tend to be safe from the scam. It is much easier to swindle people on a site when there is no limit to how much is shared between users.

Competitive Membership cost

This site offers you a great membership cost when compared to other competitors in the online adult dating world. You will be happy when you get something you like at lower price somewhere else, won’t you? That is exactly the case at Fuckdate. You pay too much on other dating sites especially if you are new.

Some sites often use lower prices that are not genuine to lure people to join them. No, not this site. Their membership cost is affordable, maybe about average or just below what you pay on other sites.

Privacy policy

You think paying a lot of cash is the worst that can happen to you on an adult dating site? Hell no, some share your data with a third-party without your consent, you need to beware of this. Your data is safe on Fuckdate. It will not be shared with third-party as promised in their terms and conditions.

No membership subscription automatic renewal

Their payment method is simple and legit as can be. You will not be charged for anything without your consent. No hidden charges, all charges are very open on this website.  You only pay for what you agree to use on the site. They notify you of confirmation of fees you want to pay and any changes in such.

Verified Payment Processors

Fuckdate makes use of the topnotch payment processors, the best of the best in the industry. They offer basic and advanced payment security tools, so you don’t have a thing to worry about. One of the important things to watch out for on dating sites is the payment security tools of the site.

It is ideal you check out the web address and the type of encryption it offers. That is important to prevent scam.

Membership costs

Signing up on the site is free. However, you need to pay to use some advanced features on fuckdate. You will be charged $1 for two days trial and $9.95 for a week trial. 1-month subscription Costs $34.95, while you pay $11.65 per month for six months subscription. You will be charged $6.67 per month for a full year subscription on the site.


I can tell from my experience on the site that it is safe and secure to join. You have a good chance to get hooked up with hot girls on the platform. Membership cost is affordable without any hidden charges, and your info is safe.

The site promises a lot of fun and excitement; you will surely find a sex partner to fuck at an affordable price. You can trust Fuck Date for a great online sex dating experience.

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Fuckdate Review
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