FuckNow Review

Some folks on dating sites want to hook up with hot girls as soon as they sign up. To some other folks slow and steady wins the race, the question is on which side are you? If you want it quickly without wasting time, then you just found a place to meet your desires.

Though not the absolute best dating site, FuckNow, as we have investigated, is one of the most secure sites out there. The security tools they provide on the site is superb. You will get all the help and support you need to have a successful online dating experience. Sure, it’s not the Facebook of sex, but it’s a network that delivers enough to warrant this positive report.

We are all about helping you decide if a dating site is worth signing up for and safe to use or otherwise. After reading this review, you will find out if you should hit the signup button on FuckNow or not. Read thoroughly and make the right decision.


Is FuckNow Authentic? Find Out Now!

The authenticity of a dating site is what most people like to look out for before any other thing, trust us on this site is very real. Yes, you heard me loud and clear, the site is authentic! There are only a few places where you don’t have to watch your back trying to hook up online. One of such few places is FuckNow.

The site is available in seven languages, so everyone on the site is not necessarily an English speaker. You are free to report any user trying to abuse you in any way. The support team is right there to hold your hand anytime you need them.

Expert assistant is also available from certified payment agencies when you need one. FuckNow is a place to be and promises to provide your need for quick and safe dating experience.

Why Choose FuckNow for Speedy Online Casual Dates

This adult site is not just recommended as one of the best places to get quick online casual dates. We have some reasons to back our recommendation of joining the site.

Your Info Is Not Shared

It is no longer news many e-commerce organizations are always out there sourcing for the interest of their customers or prospective customers. One of the most common ways they do this is by reaching out to unreliable dating sites. Such sites are ready to share your info with their partner and help increase their customer base. FuckNow won’t share your personal details with anyone, so you can relax and have fun on the site.

FuckNow have emphatically declared in their Privacy Statement they will not by any means sell users personal information to a third party. They will only share all the information you provide on the site in compliance with applicable law. They will also without hesitation comply with law enforcement agencies in the investigation and prosecution of suspected criminals. You won’t have a problem regarding your information on the site as long as you are not involved in any criminal activities.

False Profiles? None Here At All!

Unlike many dating sites that lure people by advertising unreal profiles on their front page, FuckNow does not harbor fake profiles. Scammers don’t stand a chance on the site; users are safe. They will thoroughly verify your profile and approve it before you can engage in any activities on the site. They do that to all users.

It is stated on FuckNow that they, unlike many competitors, will not allow profiles created by services to increase their member base or for any other purpose.

FuckNow Has Top Security Features

The security features on this site are quite endearing. FuckNow is a place where you are not bothered even when you encounter any problem; there is always a way out.

Billing Errors Taken Care Of (If In Existence)

Billing error will be resolved on request. As long as you contact and notify them of any billing error, it will be rectified to your satisfaction. They even go as far as giving a refund where necessary, unusual of dating sites. Also, they do not only provide security to users, they’re are generous and sincerely care about each and every user.

You need to notify them of any billing error immediately as any of such error not reported after 30 days will not be considered an error. You simply exonerate them of any claims of loss as a result of error if not reported within 30 days.

Dating Site Caution

The site educates you about online dating and as well provides some helpful online dating tips. FuckNow gives some hints about online scams, so you have an idea of what they look like. That way you can easily recognize and consequently avoid it when you see one. You will find on the site some precaution you should take when meeting people on any dating site.

Verified Accounts

Account verification is a must on the site, and you can only hang out with other users whose accounts are verified. This way you are prevented from scammers. Look out for the blue verified sign beside the user’s profile. As long as the sign is there, the user is authentic; you are good to go. However, you still need to be careful when planning to hook up in person.

Membership types and cost

You need to upgrade to premium membership to have access to all the amazing features on the site.

Premium monthly membership subscription costs $34 per month and $69.90 for six-month subscription at $11.65 per month. You pay at $6.67 per month if you are subscribing for full 12 months.


The site is safe to use, and you will get all the services paid for. Maybe it’s not the best dating site, it is, however, an excellent place to be a member. If you need to hook up and get laid then sign up on FuckNow and enjoy all it has to offer. If you’re looking for other site options, here’s what you need to do. Head on over to the homepage and check out all that we have ranked.