HitWe Review

We have always prided ourselves on reflecting our actual experiences when writing our reviews. If you don’t believe me, just check out the about page. And when necessary we have occasionally had to report on less than stellar quality, service, & customer interactions we’ve encountered along the way. That being said, we have been regular users of HitWe for over 21 days, and our review of this site will remain as always, unfiltered.

Based on our personal interactions, HitWe seems to be severely lacking in several respects. Most notably, we fear that HitWe may be attempting to mislead its members, a business tactic that we simply cannot support or endorse. So, prior to you spending any money on HitWe at all, we recommend that you finish our review.

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Why Our HitWe Experience Was Disappointing

Let us first start by saying that our entire 21-day trial run of HitWe was terrible. Among the low points, we experienced stolen and reused photography, terms of service that had misleading language, and a high percentage of fake profiles run by what we could only assume were bots. So below, we’ve broken down and expanded upon what we feel are the worst parts of our time using HitWe.

Fabricated User Profiles

So, our two supporting pieces of evidence for this assumption are the following: A lot of the profiles we came across had their phone number in their username. This practice is highly unusual and is usually only seen when fake profiles are being used to lure visitors to an altogether different website to try and solicit more money from you for other services. An average user of a dating site isn’t going to just throw their private information out for a broad audience to see. Our second piece of evidence for fraudulent profiles on HitWe are the auto-messages. These are very frequent, and never once were they an actual individual. Just an automated bot.

A Trial Membership That’s Too Good To Be True

Another thing that immediately stuck out to us was that HitWe provides an exceptionally low-cost trial membership that only lasts 24 hours. After this period you are immediately billed the full membership rates, something they never clearly state. I don’t care if you’re a grown adult or just a college student looking to play, money matters as does transparency.

Consistently Poor Reviews

Most notably, we found several scathing reviews all reflecting the same thing. HitWe seems to be being used primarily by women in foreign countries to defraud its users and gain access to personal information. The frequency of these reviews was too high to ignore.

Stolen And Reused Photography

Many of the user pics we came across on HitWe were easily found on the Internet using simple image searches. What this indicates to us is that HitWe or its users have been taking both stock and stolen photography of unknown individuals, and using it creating fraudulent user data on the site.

Unclear and Shocking Terms of Service

So firstly, they clearly state in their fine print that individuals employed by Hitwe have their own user profiles, and often even log into these profiles. They readily admit that fraudulent profiles are being used, and created. We are forced to wonder why any user would ever need to interact with these so-called “Staff Profiles”. In addition to this, the billing methods seem to be purposefully unclear.

Our Conclusion

From the first day we started using HitWe, we were confronted with numerous examples as to why there are several other sites offering a better experience. The user experience itself is poor. The support team is very slow to respond and didn’t present us with constructive answers when they did respond. The profiles are impossible to trust, as they are largely fabricated. Try HitWe at your own risk. If you encounter a similar experience to our own, one alternative that we recommend is AdultHookup – find that site review here.