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Insta-What? Ever had that instant urge to want to have sex with some random local girl? Great, then you’re not the only one! There’s a site out there called Instabang that can help you out. Not sure what the hell I’m talking about? Keep reading to learn more!

Instabang is a site that has been touted as the Instagram of adult dating and I was curious about all the good reviews I had seen online for this site. I had to explore myself to see if it really lived up to the hype. Keep reading to see what I found out. Dating

Tips For Instabang Dating (My Review Too)

Like all adult hookup sites, you start by creating a profile. So, this is the usual stuff: a profile picture, your name, your zip, and a little description of yourself. Once you’ve got that down, you can easily log in and begin exploring.

To communicate with other members, you’re going to have to pay. It is a dating site and if you want a quality experience, it isn’t going to come free. There are various membership levels and prices including:

Silver Membership

• Automatically renews at $24.95 a month OR
• $99.95 a Full Year

Gold Membership

• A two-day trial is just $1.00. But beware, if you don’t like the site and forget to cancel, you will be billed $39.95 for the month and it auto-renews! But it works so you’ll be happy that it does if you decide to stay.
• Monthly is $34.95, again automatically renewing
• If you choose an 18-month subscription, it will cost you $119.95

There are features that are free, such as webcams and videos uploaded by members. You can also look at member profiles and pictures. In fact, when you are on the homepage, you are able to look at up to 50 user pictures at a time where you can vote if they are “hot” or “not”. When you like a picture, the site will send that user a notification that you’re into them and you can both decide if you’re interested in some adult action. You can also check out the various videos showcasing everything about and decide if you like what you see. They’re all over the Internet, trust me I’ve watched them all.

Are There Real People On

Instabang has thousands of active members. Real people are using this site and it doesn’t appear to be filled with fake profiles that are prevalent on crappier dating sites. I did a google search of some of the pics I found and didn’t come across any that were used on other dating sites as fillers. In their Terms of Use, states: “Unlike many competitors, this Site does not contain any profiles created by the Service.” So, that basically means that isn’t creating fake profiles to engage its users and entertain them. These are real people looking for a good time. This also means that nobody is luring you into paying for a premium membership. So, browse for free and don’t feel pressured into joining if it isn’t for you.

I suppose this is a good time to let you know that the website is owned and operated by network, which is awesome as well. Check that out right here if you’d like.

Is It Safe? has a double safety team in place to keep their users safe, the Fraud Team and the Support Team. They check and moderate chats and profiles, and respond to any issues that users send their way. If you’re on there, poking around, and see anything wonky, report it and make Instabang safer for everyone! If you want to contact, their contact info is as follows:

Address: Lawrence G. Walters, 195 W. Pine Ave, Longwood, FL 32750
Cancel Membership: Contact Page
Email Contact:
Fax: (407) 774-6151
Phone Numbers: 1-877-717-3257 or 1-855-443-5464
Or, you can click here for the Official website

My Verdict

It is rare that you find a gem like Instabang to join in your search for some hot times. Most adult dating sites are scamming you, from bots to fake (paid) profiles. Instabang doesn’t do any of that and makes sure to post that in their Terms of Use as well as letting you use their site for free as long as you want. This is truly a “Unicorn” dating site. I would recommend to anyone looking for some NSA action to check out and give it a try! It’s even a top 10 dating site that absolutely stands behind, all due to its effectiveness.

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Instabang Review
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