International Sex Guide Review: Stay Away From This!

You’re sitting in a hotel in some foreign country and you’re bored. You would love to find someone to spend an hour or two with, but you aren’t sure where to find her. You do a quick web search and come across the International Sex Guide.

“Awesome,” you think.

No, my friend, it is not awesome, and you need to keep reading to find out why I would never recommend the International Sex Guide to any of my horny friends.

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The International Sex Guide Sucks – Read My Report

If you’re looking for an escort guide, then you’re doing it all wrong. But first, let’s break down everything that’s wrong with the I’ll start by sharing what it is exactly…

What is the International Sex Guide?

The International Sex Guide claims that it is a site that helps lonely dudes hookup with escorts and other sex workers. They also claim to provide reviews of these sex workers, so you know what you’re getting from each of the girls, AKA “streetwalker reports”.

Let me make this clear, the International Sex Guide is run by the same people who ran USA Sex Guide. The USA version was shut down because of legal issues because remember, prostitution is illegal!

The International Sex Guide claims that it is the “Internet’s largest sex travel website”, but trust me, it isn’t anything but a nightmare waiting to happen.


Joining the International Sex Guide will set you back $19.95. This reportedly gives you access to over 100,000 pictures, removed advertising, and private messaging.

Sounds great, right? Wrong!

You are giving your credit card information to a site that deals with illegal activities. Why don’t you just call the Feds and tell them you’re going to buy a hooker? Sites like this get raided all the time and if you are on their roster, you’re guilty by association at the bare minimum.

Annoying Ads

The International Sex Guide is just like every other shady dating site, it is full of super annoying ads. No matter what page you visit, you will stumble upon them and at times you can’t even avoid clicking them. Every click sends you to another site, taking you away from this supposed hotbed of sexy goddesses.

Why would a site want to do that? Because they aren’t legit, that’s why.

The Ladies

Speaking of sexy goddesses, there are plenty to see on the International Sex Guide. And guess what, these same exact pics are all over the internet on a wide variety of sites. This tells me that they ripped these pictures from somewhere else and are using them to lure horny men to do stupid things.

I also have to put this out there: a lot of these women look super young. Like illegal young. If International Sex Guide isn’t checking the ages of their “models”, why would you take the chance?


I’m not implying that every single sex worker has a disease. I know some play safely and hey, more power to them. But if you are going to hire someone to have sex with you, you have to think about how you could possibly contract something nasty. Many of these things can be cured, yes, but some are a life sentence. (HIV/AIDS, anyone?)

Seriously, is it really worth it to contract HIV for an hour of sexual pleasure or relief?

Keep in mind, I’m not saying that you cannot get HIV/AIDS using other sites. All I’m saying is that hiring escorts that sleep with thousands of Johns opens your chances up as an increased risk. It’s in fact been proven that this is the case.

Quick Recap

If you didn’t find a reason to avoid International Sex Guide just yet, let me remind you quickly why it is a bad idea:

  • Unverified and underage pictures
  • You have to pay for sex
  • Your credit card info is now on file on an illegal site
  • Legal issues
  • You could be hurt or contract an STD
  • Ads are most likely fake


You don’t need to pay for sex; nobody does. And you certainly don’t need the International Sex Guide.

I don’t care what you look like, what kind of job you have, or how rich or poor you are, you can always find a girl to hook up with. There are numerous legitimate adult dating sites for people of all looks, shapes, and sizes just looking for a night of NSA fun.

It may take a little time, but trust me, you can find a woman to rock your world and she will gladly do it for free. I promise that this page explains it all.

International Sex Guide Review: Stay Away From This!
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