Kikfriender Dirty Kik Platform Review

Today, we’re reviewing Kikfriender aka Dirty Kik. Dirty Kik is a dating site that works in conjunction with the Kik messaging app, finding compatible possible romantic partners using the messaging app as its framework. Whether you’re newer to the Kik app, or a long-time user looking for a date, we’ve given you our most up-to-date knowledge available below on this site.

What We Think About Kikfriender / Dirty Kik

For the most part, Kikfriender / Dirty Kik offered nothing of real value from the moment we started using the dating site and mobile adult app. It’s not every day that we see so many issues right away. Quite regularly, the sites we review at least present us with the illusion of functionally, safety, security, and other expected aspects of a dating application.

kikfrienderUnfortunately, Kikfriender (and by extension, Dirty Kik) were different. Right away, we were confronted with fraudulent profiles, assumedly being run by real people using a computer from the other end (or at the very least a smartphone).

Without any money being asked for to sign up for their services, any person is free to create as many false profiles as they desire. Upon registering for our  Dirty Kik accounts, we were immediately bombarded with fraudulent individuals asking us intensely personal questions.

We all like to use apps that work correctly, right? Sure! To the discredit of the makers, nothing on Kikfriender / Dirty Kik is real! It wasn’t bad enough that the profiles were fraudulent, but as we continued our assessment we quickly realized that we weren’t even speaking to human beings most of the time.

Fake photos, fake profiles, and robots seem to be the only things you can connect to on Kikfriender. When you use an application or website like this, we assume one would prefer to talk to real people. This isn’t something that you get to have with this site. Which presents us with our next issue in the following paragraph.

Fraudulent Photography

Fake photography is very, very prevalent on this site. We’re not sure exactly where Kikfriender and Dirty Kik gets these photos, but they’re often repeated from profile to profile. This is one of the most obvious issues on this site, as you’ll often see different profiles with the same photo in your inbox 3 to 4 times a day.

What’s Are Their Motivations?

Through the above issues, the fraudulent users at both Kikfriender / Dirty Kik quickly attempt to gain new users’ trust. This is usually regarding some sort of payment, subscription, or other solicitation of money. As soon as you give them what they’re asking for, the profile disappears as quickly as it enters your inbox. Often, Dirty Kik even tried to redirect us to other subsidiary websites. This is a way for them to double (and often triple) subscription earnings per user.

What We Think?

We can in no way endorse the use of this website. From the moment you register, you will be confronted with countless attempts to have your money taken from you. We’re still not even sure that any real are connected via this app. In addition to this, Kikfriender / Dirty Kik tends to be misconstrued as a dating application, but from everything we could find online this is not the way it operates. it’s only with the addition of Dirty Kik that this functionality becomes unlocked.

If you need a better site for this sort of connection, let us suggest AFF – click here to see our AFF review.