KikPals Review

“Kik me” has become the go-to saying for guys looking for sexting or a hookup with a hot-to-trot cutie. There are many Kik related sites out there, each claiming to bring you closer to the meetup of your dreams. But, do these sites really work? I don’t think so! Today I’m looking at one of those sites, KikPals, which claims to be the best Kik finder on the internet for finding girls to connect with. Let me show you why I think these sites are nothing but a complete scam. ScreenshotI Want Some Action! Why Is KikPals A Waste Of My Time?

Look, I know you want some hot action, whether it’s a night of sexting with some self-love (wink-wink), or a hot encounter with an actual person. I get it, I do. But, hear me out as I go over what KikPals is, why it stinks, and if you stick it out to the end, I have a list of sites for you where you can find yourself a legitimate hookup.

What Is KikPals, Anyway?

KikPals claims to have this amazingly advanced system of connecting you with friends using a simple search into what you’re looking for, including gender, age, and sexual orientation (that includes you, my LGBT friends!). Wrong! KikPals is seriously nothing but a Kik aggregator that isn’t even connected in any way with the parent company of Kik Interactive or the Kik Trademark.  Seriously, there aren’t any real Kik’ers on there looking for a dirty-good time.

These types of sites just waste your time and your hard-earned cash. If the corny Shutterstock photo or the giant advertising banner don’t convince you that this is probably junk, clicking on “View All Usernames” and being redirected to a warning that you’ve been hacked will probably clue you in. There is no hacking going on, this is malware and a scam that KikPals is running to get some money out of that wallet of yours.

Nobody ever reads those boring Terms of Use on a website. But, if you’re interested in what KikPals has to say, you’ll see that they state that they are not responsible for any data you may lose by using their site, including what could happen if you actually use their site! KikPals tells you straight-up that it is an affiliate site. They display links to other sites and hope you click on them, so they can make money off of your clicking finger. This isn’t a Kik username search engine. All this is is a marketing scheme by a website aggregator.

Is There Any Sexting Going On?

Nope. I didn’t talk with a single person while on KikPals. Not one. What I did have was a whole lot of frustration and my time completely wasted. KikPals doesn’t care if you ever get your hookup, they only want to try and make money off of you.

KikPals Isn’t Getting You Any Action.

On KikPals, you’re not getting sexy-talk. You’re not getting laid. You’re getting the runaround from a search aggregator and probably paying for it. These Kik username search aggregators are nothing but a complete waste of your time that could be spent elsewhere in the search for some booty.

I’m Blue-Balling Here! What Does Work?

Luckily, there are sites out there that do work in your conquest for some action. Instead of forcing you to find these sites on your own, I have done the legwork for you. Here is a list of adult-niche dating sites that are not scams and can help you on your way to finding that good piece of ass.