LetsBeSexy Review

Are you tired of working your way through adult-oriented dating memberships that are expensive and don’t get you results? Or, are you logging into sites that are so confusing, you give up on finding a hot piece of ass out of frustration? Have you had your account hacked or are you tired of talking to paid ladies who are only engaging with you for a paycheck? Nobody wants to pay to be confused, hacked, or sexually frustrated! So, when I heard about LetsBeSexy, I was curious if this was just another “throw away” site, or something legit. Keep reading to find out my review of LetsBeSexy.com.

LetsBeSexy Review

Is LetsBeSexy Genuine? – Find Out Now!

The short answer is a definite YES! There are many reasons why I found LetsBeSexy to be an authentic site:

• LetsBeSexy requires users to authenticate their account if they want to use full site services.

Any user that wants to authenticate their account must go through a checkup process. Like any other non-dating site, LetsBeSexy wants you to assure them and other users that you are you. It makes the site genuine and stable for all users.

When you have authenticated your account, LetsBeSexy gives you a badge that is displayed on your profile page. Their Terms of Use states: “Account Verified is a sweet looking badge on your profile page, which indicates you are a real person. All you need is a webcam. It’s easy to do and looks nice on your page!”

Even though they are pretty diligent, remember that scammers can still sneak through. Just use your head, check the profiles of anyone you are interested in for the badge, and remember that even though they are verified, they could still suck. Be careful who you meet in person!

• LetsBeSexy has two support teams.

LetsBeSexy has both a Fraud Team and a Support Team. The Fraud Team deals with any issues pertaining to abuse, flagged content, postings, profiles, and communications. The Support Team takes care of the rest, so account questions and issues, problems logging in, DMCA Notice responses, and law enforcement inquiries.

Users can report any issues with abuse to the support team using the clearly labeled “Report Abuse” button on the homepage. This sends an email to the appropriate team and they will deal with any problems swiftly. LetsBeSexy also boasts 24/7 support, so you are never alone!

• Personal information can be updated easily.

Fraud dating sites like to keep user information forever. It is their way of sending out emails and promotions to annoy you and even if you opt out of their services. LetsBeSexy lets its users update and change their information at any time, and while it may take a few hours to take effect, if you want to stop communications, it will be quick and easy to accomplish.

• LetsBeSexy is safe.

If safety is your concern, then you’ll be happy to learn that it’s no concern at all here. In fact, the same company operates a Snapchat style site and the safety there is superb as well! LetsBeSexy.com maintains all member details with great sensitivity, only sharing your information with third parties when necessary for payment transactions.

Of course, they also use your email address to communicate with you and send you communications from other members. Remember, never give out your financial information to anyone on a dating site and use common sense to keep yourself safe. Dating sites aren’t any more dangerous than face-to-face dating, just be smart about what you’re doing!


Like most all other dating sites, basic membership is free. If you want premium access to things like video chats and cams you can upgrade your membership.

• Two-day trial- $0.99 a day
• Seven-day trial- $9.95
• Monthly-$34.95
• Six months-$69.95
• 12 months-$119.95 This is an 80% savings.

LetsBeSexy also offers a “Hookup Guarantee”. If you don’t hookup within three months, they will give you another three months free.


I tried and enjoyed LetsBeSexy. It is an “easy to use” site that is quite affordable. With its safety measures going above and beyond the norm, LetsBeSexy is a safe site for anyone looking for a quick local hookup, whatever that might entail! And if you just want some virtual action, chatting, cams, and videos will satisfy those urges as well. I highly recommend LetsBeSexy!

LetsBeSexy Review
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  • There’s no doubt about it, the letsbesexy.com works. I found this to be one of the easier sites to use and based on my experience, that makes it simple enough for anyone. I hooked up, it works and it’s affordable. Nuff said.