Listcrawler Review Reveals Nothing But The Truth!

Dating sites just keep growing online and that is a great thing for those of us who want a quick and easy hookup. However, this also means that there are numerous sites that are at best a scam, and at worst dangerous.

I’m always game to review new sites and when I saw Listcrawler, I wanted to find out which camp it fell into. Unfortunately, I was completely let down and if you keep reading, you’ll find out why I think you should totally avoid anything to do with this pay-for-sex site. homepage

Official Investigation Of

This is the only review/report that you’ll need to read covering the ins and outs of everything about this website.

Trust me, not digesting this information can and may cost you a lot of money as well as your freedom and health. Find out more below…

Joining Listcrawler

Once you join this den of illegal activity, you will be able to pick your city. Some cities are blocked out for new members, so if you are in Phoenix or Chicago, take that as your saving grace.

You will have to verify that you are of age, which is probably the most legal thing they’re doing on Listcrawler. But, please, take the time to read the Terms of Service before you go any further. If you don’t have any plans to read that legal jargon, let me break it down for you.

Listcrawler admits in veiled terms that they aren’t really that secure of a site and that they could be open to a data breach at any time.

Why do I say that? Well, they basically say that no matter what happens to you on their site, they are not responsible. If someone gets access to your data, not their fault. If you get robbed by someone you met on their site, not their fault. You got an STD from answering an unvetted escort ad? Not their fault.

Listcrawler is not responsible for anything that happens while you use their services.

You also need to know that Listcrawler states that it can give your personal information to other third-party groups. That might be another dating site, an advertiser, or guess what, law enforcement. Do you really want your name attached to a prostitute site? Hello, prison!

Listcrawler’s Ads

Listcrawler doesn’t have any new ads on their pages. What they do is data scrape places like Backpage and present them as new. Now you’re getting second and third-hand information that may or may not be accurate.

Listcrawler likes to list phone numbers in its sexy lady ads. But there is seriously no guarantee that the sex-bomb you are craving is going to show up. It could really be anyone. And remember, Listcrawler is not responsible for who shows up and what happens.

Think dirty, drugged-out prostitutes, folks.

Finally, everywhere you look while on Listcrawler, you will see third-party ads. Their game is to get you to click on these ads and links to go to other sponsored sites. This is just a money-making scheme for them. Anything you click on will lead you away from Listcrawler and to another just as shady site.

Conclusion: The List Crawler Is Bad News

There are many other casual adult dating sites out there that are better options and you won’t be dealing with prostitutes, wasting your money, risking your health or safety, or going to jail. Do yourself a favor and avoid Listcrawler and any other dangerous, illegal dating site (In the USA) that promises easy and quick hookups. I promise you won’t regret it.

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Listcrawler Review Reveals Nothing But The Truth!
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