Myhotbook Review

It is no longer news that most hookup sites are nothing but a mere waste of time. There are, however, some which are legal and as a result worth checking out. It is rather unfortunate there are fewer legit sites in comparison with the many scams available online.

This review will serve as an eye-opener to give you an idea of what Myhotbook truly is before joining. Wondering if it is an ideal site for those searching for an online casual dating? In my opinion, the site obviously is not one of the best sites.

You will do well reading my review from start to finish before taking any action on Myhotbook. I suggest you carefully read through the information I will be sharing about the site. Honestly, if you don’t, then you’re pretty crazy. Proceed with caution regardless of your plans or decisions. You’ll want to be extra safe with this one, trust me.

MyHotBook Review

What I Found Out About Myhotbook

So I began my investigation of Myhotbook by searching for all available information I can get about the site. I was baffled not to have found as much information about the site as I had expected. Just when I thought have seen it all, all I see on prominent review sites are nothing but negative reviews.

The reviews I saw on the prominent review sites reveals Myhotbook is obviously a scam; I went ahead with my findings anyway. The first thing I noticed was that all the hot girls displayed on the site are all scam and not real, you heard me NOT REAL.

I proceeded to register on the site and guess what I found out, another red flag typical of scam sites. Surprisingly before completing my registration, I was redirected to another dating site. It implies I was not logged on the site in the first place. Read on for more revelation about the site.

Hot girls on Myhotbook

Navigating through the site, the sexy hot girls I saw I must confess attracted me as expected. The girls on the homepage no doubt are as enticing and gorgeous as those on the profiles. That will surely prompt you to want to explore more.

Sadly as I said, earlier none of the hot girls on the site are real. Every road leads to a dead end as I dig on. The women I saw on Myhotbook are not really on the site, they are all fake. They are only there to attract you to the site. You won’t get any reasonable response when you message them. Not worth the time if you ask me. Now, the girls on Uberhorny are all legit and DTF, so check them out instead of those here!

Chatting with members

You don’t think I didn’t get a response because the girls on the site aren’t real, do you? Hell yeah, I got some response but trust me none is convincing. The girls I tried having a conversation with are out of this world, but the messages I got from them are fake.

The responses I got from the girls on here are too standard to be real, hey, don’t get beat by their deceit, I have seen a lot worse. Most of the messages I got in response to my messages do not correspond. Beware, it’s a scam once you start receiving messages from members when you haven’t even uploaded your profile picture. Responses from Myhotbook is no doubt some auto responses probably from robots. There is no better sign the site is a scam.

The fake stats about the site

The annoying redirect you get while registering on the site indicates the site is a joke. That is just one of the many red flags on the site. They try to lure you to the site with the enticing stats such as the laughable claim that there are about 35 million users on Myhotbook.

Over 65,000 sexy girls looking to hook up with men in my small hometown for real? Funny isn’t it? All these embarrassing claims you see on the site even before you log on is an indication the site is not real. It is only to rip you of some bucks. Still not convinced? Let me give you another hint.

Support Center

Surprisingly Myhotbook don’t have a support center or a link to it on the homepage, suspicious or not? Personally, it raised my suspicion. Any online dating site without a support page is a no-no, don’t even think of joining, your call though.

In contrast to the claim that there are free videos on the site, unfortunately, there is none, it’s rather another trick to get you on the site. That is one of the many lies they sell to people looking for online casual dating. Trust you will not buy into it having read my review, will you?


Breathe guys, move on. Myhotbook, as I have shown you, is not the right place for your online adult dating if you are looking for one. Don’t even consider joining the site, rather do a thorough search and find a genuine dating site. Don’t be a victim of Myhotbook.

I will recommend you check out MyHotBook on other review sites just in case you are not convinced by my review. Best bet you will find out my review is nothing but the truth.

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Myhotbook Review
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