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The top-rated NSA dating sites have members that number between hundreds of thousands to millions of users. Unfortunately, after I took the site tour of SaucyDates, I can say that this site will not be one of those top sites. Once I started poking around, it was easy to see why Saucy Dates is not a great site for finding that date you’ve been looking for and why they have a membership base that numbers only in the tens of thousands. Granted, numbers aren’t everything when it comes to casual dating for adults, but it still kind of matters.

Saucydates Dating Site

SaucyDates Dating Site Details Revealed

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My Experience As A User

Saucy Dates has none of the bells and whistles that a dating site really needs. First, attempting to sign up and confirm my subscription was a little bit of a chore. When I did finally get things squared away, all that I had at my fingertips was a boring inbox. There were no options for social media and no chatting activity option. I found that I was really left on my own trying to figure out the whole communication thing, which is very limited, only allowing for emailing or chatting. Other top-notch dating sites offer so much more in the way of connecting to those you want to hook up with, so it’s easy to understand why there isn’t a great rate for hookups on Saucy Dates: You can’t communicate easily!

Searching For Your Date

If you want basic, Saucy Dates is for you. The search filters are almost non-existent and while it makes it easy to find a quick hookup, it doesn’t let you specify much about what you want in that hookup. This includes physical characteristics and let’s face it, you do want some amount of attraction to the person you’re about to get busy with! They do offer a search by location option, which will get you a local date quickly if you’re not too worried about looks, so there is that bonus.

You Get What You Pay For

Free is usually great. I mean, who doesn’t love free? Saucy Dates boasts a no-fee basic subscription, but they really shouldn’t. With the lack of new people joining the site and the slow activity of its members, Saucy Dates just can’t give users the experience a top-rated dating site can.

Is It Safe?

Well, Saucy Dates says it is. Their site tour offers a section on safety which boasts protection for any transactions that you make and an explanation of their privacy policy. Again, this information is quite basic compared to other top NSA dating sites like this one here. They need to beef up that section, especially as it is a site for adult meetups!

The Good:

  • It’s free
  • Quick hookups

The Bad:

  • It’s no frills-ie there is literally NOTHING beyond the basics
  • Its safety policy is severely lacking
  • It is really boring to look at (think old-timey computers!)
  • The male to female ratio is crummy
  • A complex signup process

In Conclusion

Saucy Dates needs to up their game and do some major tweaking if they want to compete with the big boys of NSA dating sites and draw in more people looking for a hot date.

SaucyDates Review
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