When looking for casual sex dating websites that cater to specific tastes, one often finds that these sites lack a lot of critical functionality. In the technology age, it’s incredibly simple to slap together a dating site, pack it with fake members, and just wait for the money to roll in. SelfieBBW is a mixed bag in this sense. To be sure, SelfieBBWs contains a lot of beautiful, plus-sized men & women looking to meet someone new. But as we tested the site throughout the week, we found several crucial features to be less than adequate. Below is what we found to be some of the best & worst components of SelfieBBW.

Selfiebbw Review

What Makes SelfieBBW Dating Work?

SelfieBBWs is a fairly straightforward dating site. Within a few minutes of finishing your profile, you’re connected with preliminary matches based on the tastes you’ve entered. They have an efficient search engine with several options available, which really helps you narrow down what you’re looking for. This may be the single best component of SelfieBBW, as it is incredibly easy to broaden your searches at a moment’s notice.

Another nice touch is that thanks to the rigorous profile building guidelines, you’ll very rarely come across a page that doesn’t have pictures on it. This makes sending introductory messages a breeze: When you feel like you already know someone before you speak, you can make a better guess as to whom you’ll have a great chance of connecting with. SelfieBBW has been around for just a little while now, and their user base has only continued to grow. We found very few profiles that were inactive, and fresh pictures always seemed to pop up.

Friend Lists

Another great part of SelfieBBWs are the friend lists. Unlike most dating sites, SelfieBBWs provides a completely free and anonymous chat client. Just be careful when using the chat and NEVER share any financial or personal information. This is a great way to keep yourself safe & secure while you share videos, photos, and personal information with people online. There’s an added feature in this app as well that saves any chats started with new users, so you never have to worry about losing someone after a great first conversation.

Facial Recognition

Another security feature that SelfieBBWs uses is facial recognition, something we have never seen on a dating site before. According to their fine print, they actually have a dedicated IT team for this specific set of features. They use this to search profiles as they’re registered, to eliminate repeat users who have abused the site in the past. This is a really cutting edge way for SelfieBBWs to stay ahead of other like-minded sites as they continue to add to their client base.

Costly Subscription Packages

Unfortunately, this is where SelfieBBWs starts to suffer. They offer multiple membership plans at various price points, but they refuse to tell you what the costs are until you actually submit payment information. The 4 different packages only outline the features associated with each, which we found to be pretty deceptive. When we researched this online, we came across a lot of reviews complaining about SelfieBBWs taking out double and triple payments.

Constant Site Outages

Something else we noticed was that during peak periods, SelfieBBWs tended to crash A LOT. After contacting the support team for general questions approximately 7 times, we finally received a half-hearted response stating that their servers are in the process of being switched over. On more than one occasion, this caused us to lose our conversations & matches on the site (something they specifically created a messaging app to avoid). Server issues are a huge problem for SelfieBBWs, as we witness outages usually between 3 to 4 times an evening. At the time of publishing this article, they have yet to provide a clear answer as to when this issue is going to be solved.

Our Conclusions

SelfieBBWs is a dating site with a lot of potential, but one that’s also going through a lot of growing pains. They have some great ideas and a really beautiful design. But unfortunately, these strong points are marred by constant site crashes, a sub-par support team, and exceptionally deceptive pricing. If you’re truly in need of a site for meeting plus-sized people, you could certainly do worse than SelfieBBWs. However, if you notice the same types of flaws we did, let us recommend

I’d also like to point out that the company that runs this site also runs a site called