Sexting A Girl: Here’s What You Need To Know!

What if I told you that you could turn a woman on in a very short amount of time and all it takes is a little bit of thinking and the use of your finger?

Now, get your head out of the gutter (just a bit) and think about all the ways that sexting can get your girl going with very little effort on your part.

tips for sexting a girl

Why is Sexting the Way to Go?

If you’re a lazy person like me, you want to do as little as possible to get what you want. Sexting is an effective method of foreplay because of these reasons:

  1. Women are cerebral. They get turned on by words and mental stimulation and the more you say, the more aroused they will become as they picture everything you want to do to them.
  2. Sexting offers a level of privacy. Nobody will see those messages (unless you’re a total tool) and your girl won’t feel like she’s doing something wrong.
  3. Sexting has no pressure. You aren’t dealing with awkwardness and having to be shy.
  4. You get to set the pace and the tone of the messages.

Now that you see why sexting is effective, let me give you three different examples on how to get started.

The Tame Sext

This example gives you a little bit of a naughty example with sexual undertones. It is a great way to start if you aren’t sure how your lady will take it.

You: Hey, how are you, hun?

Her: Doing pretty good, hbu?

You: Well, I’m having an ok day, but I could use a little excitement tbh.

Her: Oh, what kind of excitement? ????

You: Hmm, I’m thinking about how I’d love to see you in something a little sexy.

Her: Oh, do you have something in mind?

You: Yeah, I’d love for you to wear a maid uniform and polish up something for me.

Her: So, like the silver? lol

You: No, I had something else in mind… ????

You could go on and on, but my point is, this level of sexting is pretty tame and allows you to take the lead and be dominant.

Straight To the Point

This example is you telling your girl exactly what you want. Nothing is left to the imagination, you are being totally dominant and aggressive.

You: I’ve had a really rough day, I could really use some attention.

Her: Sorry to hear that, what kind of attention are you craving?

You: I’m craving you, naked, on top of my hard cock.

Her: Hmm… I’m not sure how that will help a bad day! ????

You: It probably won’t, but it will definitely help with the massive erection I’m sporting.

Her: And if I don’t get naked?

You: I’ll spank your ass until you beg me to stop and then push you down on the bed and take you from behind.

Her: Let me stop and get some beer and I’ll be over.

You: See you soon, you dirty little whore.

See, right to the point and she just can’t help but imagine you taking complete control of her.

The Fantasy

This method of sexting keeps her fantasizing all day about you and what you would do to her.

You: Just heading to work, dressed up looking fly.

Her: Oh, what are you wearing?

You: That new suit, the blue tie you got me, and those shoes that click on the floor when I walk.

Her: Damn, you are looking like a boss!

You: I could use a secretary…

Her: I’m not great at filing or typing tho.

You: All you need to be good at doing is fitting under my desk and having magic lips…

Her: Mmm… I think I might be qualified for that.

You: You are more than qualified, Miss Smith. I would want you in my office in a short skirt and no panties at noon. You’d be my lunch.

Her: You’re rotten! I can’t wait for 5:30!!

You: Be naked in the bed when I walk through that door.

Obviously, you would want to insert her favorite fantasy into this if she doesn’t have a boss/secretary fetish. But you get the gist.

Tips for Sexting

If you’re new to sexting, here are three tips to help you keep it on track:

  • Don’t rush it. You don’t want to just jump in with “I want to f*ck your brains out.” This just comes across as too direct and women want some build up.
  • Move on when it’s time. All women have a line and sometimes in the heat of the moment it can be easy to cross it. If your lady-friend is offended, move on from the sexting and apologize. Try to keep it lighthearted.
  • Set a sexting framework. When you’re texting, try working in some sexual innuendos and naughty stuff. If you start small, you can work your way up and keep amping up the sexual tension. 

Sexting is a great tool for upping your game and getting your woman ready to go. And it doesn’t take any physical effort, so you can save all your energy for the bedroom. If your sexting is good, you’re going to need it.

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Sexting A Girl: Here’s What You Need To Know!
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