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I’m here today to tell you about a website called It’s exactly what you think it is – a sexting forum. A popular way to discover and see some sexy local girls is to use adult forums, more specifically sexting forums. These forums are supposedly filled with horny folks looking to chat, share pics, and hookup. While there are definitely legit forums online, for this reason, I’m here to tell you that Sexting Forum is unfortunately not one of them.

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Sexting Forum Site Sucks – Find Out Why

Don’t worry, I’m sharing everything I know about this site right here, right now. You’ll find a FULL rundown below so keep reading my friend. I’m starting off by saying that it’s a fake forum and that’s all there is to it. Find out why!

A Fake Forum

Yep, I said it, Sexing Forum is a completely fake forum. If you’ve ever used a real forum, you will see that they have various topics for discussion and they are usually quite active. However, on the Sexting Forum, there are a few posts you can open, but there is almost no engaging content. If they were a legitimate forum, they would have much more traffic and conversation.

The only activity I see on Sexting Forum is catfishing, bots, and models trying to get you to follow them elsewhere. Basically, it is a shady attempt at spamming you.

Stolen Profiles

If you keep chugging along on Sexting Forum, and you are a horny user, you will probably stumble upon the “Nude Selfies” forum. If you think you’re going to see sexy users of the Sexting Forum, I promise you that you aren’t.

If you do a reverse image search of any of the nude pics you see, you’ll see these are actually pictures that have been stolen from other users Snapchats. These people are in no way members and you won’t be talking or meeting these actual people any time soon.

Pop-ups and Banners and Spam Galore

If you made it to any of the actual forums, you are a master, because I was stopped repeatedly by the numerous and annoying pop-ups that overtake you as soon as you join Sexting Forum. These ads are out of control and they literally take over your computer. I don’t care what kind of pop-up blocker you might have, these beasts will slow down your computer and if you’re really unlucky, they are going to hit you with malware to give you more of a headache.

On top of the pop-ups, you’ll see that the Sexting Forum is quite fond of banners. They are all over the site, blinking at you and trying to entice you to click on them. Kind of like and even BestGFE (they all suck).

Seriously, don’t click on any of these annoying banners, you’re just going to be led to yet another scammy site.

And, if you decide to follow anyone on the Sexting Forum, you’re setting yourself up to get an inbox on fire. Not of hot, sexy pics or dirty talk, oh no. The only thing you’re going to get is a lot of spam that you are now stuck wading through instead of finding yourself a hottie to chat with.


Look, we all want to find someone hot to connect with and hopefully have some sexy times with. But, using the Sexting Forum is not the answer. This site is set up purely for marketing purposes and has no real members worth mentioning. If I were you, I would avoid the Sexting Forum completely. Now, if you want to hit some local booty, then bang one of the hotties using this network here.

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