Signs She’s Into You (Yes, You Need To Be On The Lookout)

Nobody wants to be rejected. It sucks! But you can avoid those awkward and painful moments by learning to read the subtle signals every woman gives off the minute she meets you.

By paying attention to these 20 simple signs, you can tell if a woman is interested, or if she wants you to completely bug off.

signs she's into you

Here Are The 20 Signs She’s Into You

  1. Eye Movement

If a girl is interested, she will look at you just the right way. If you pay attention to what direction she looks, you’ll know how interested she is.

  • If she looks down, she’s seeing you as an equal or superior and she wants some
  • If she looks to the side, she’s not quite sure yet and she needs to figure it out.
  • If she looks up, well that’s like an eye roll and she is not having you.

If she is really interested, science has shown that she will look back at you within 45 seconds. If she doesn’t, well she has no interest in you at all.

  1. Checking You Out

Girls have much better peripheral vision and do a lot of checking out of guys secretly. If you want to catch her in the act, look off at nothing, maybe a plain, boring place in the room. If turn and catch her looking at the same thing, she is totally paying attention to you.

  1. Lingering Looks

If you are talking to a girl you’re not interested in, don’t you sort of avoid her gaze? And if you’re into a girl, don’t you give her more eye attention? Well, this is the same for a girl. You can test her level of interest by letting your conversation trail off but continue staring in her eyes. If she keeps your gaze for three seconds, she’s interested.

  1. Proximity

Everyone has a personal space and if a woman is invading yours, she is looking for attention.

  1. Attention Seeking

Pay attention to how a woman is acting in your presence. Is she talking louder than she really should be? Is she walking by purposefully, swinging everything God gave her? These are signs that she is doing that to get all your attention.

  1. Body Language

Women are masters of body language and they will convey a wide range of how they are feeling with just their body. Do you notice her caressing her own leg or her hair? Is she caressing an inanimate object? If she is doing this sensual act, she is feeling interested.

  1. Her Physiology

When a girl is attracted to you, the chemicals in her body will increase and her body will physically change. Some of them aren’t going to be immediately visible, like her nipples hardening and her vagina lubricating, but you will notice things such as:

  • Her back arches and her boobs move forward
  • She will breathe more slowly, and her pupils will dilate
  • Her lips will become more pronounced and flushed
  1. She is Feeling Emotional and Glances at You

If she is in a group and is having a good time, laughing it up, and she stares at you, she wants you to notice her.

  1. She Wants to Spend Time With You

If a girl offers any amount of time to you, she is interested. If she doesn’t want to be with you, she will do anything to avoid you and get away from you. Women are masters at getting away from unwanted suitors, so if she is sticking with you, she likes you.

  1. She Uses Her Energy On You

When the two of you are together, is she more animated and focused on you? Then she’s interested. If she is focusing her energy on others, like checking out who is around, she’s not invested in you and isn’t interested in taking things any further.

  1. She Isolates Herself

Girls watch out for each other. If a girl chooses to separate herself from her pack of girlfriends to be with you, she is interested.

  1. She Warns You About Other Girls

If she tells you that someone isn’t good for you, isn’t your type, or isn’t worth your time, what she is doing is marking her territory. She wants you and doesn’t want you to have anyone else.

  1. Grooming

If she looks immaculate around you even when you’re just hanging out, she is trying to make you swoon. She will show off her best assets and try to make herself look as flattering as possible for you.

  1. She Finds Excuses to Get In Contact With You

A girl that wants you will do anything, no matter how ridiculous, to get in contact with you. If it seems like a nonsensical reason to you, she is probably just trying to get your attention and spend time with you.

  1. Extending Your Time Together

If you two are together on a date and she continuously says, “I should be going…” but she sticks around, she is totally into you. She doesn’t want to really leave, and she wants nothing more but to be in your company.

  1. The Dom/Sub Situation

If a woman allows you to take control, whether it be where you go for a date, or what you’re eating, she is saying she wants you to be dominant. And we all know, women are attracted to a dominant man!

  1. She Suddenly Has Similar Interests

If a woman is interested, she may take on your interests. She might now like the things you like and the foods you enjoy eating. She will try to attract you by being like you, sort of like flocking birds.

  1. Touching You

If she accidentally bumps you, brushes past you, or even tries to get you to “play” fight, she wants to touch you. Those are no accidents, she knows exactly what she’s doing and what she wants.

  1. She Validates Herself

If you point out a trait that you are seeking in a mate and she boasts that she has that trait, she is trying to prove herself to you.

  1. Talking

If she questions things in your life, like your past relationships or family topics, or she tries to impress you with things about herself, she is showing an interest in you. If her friends tell you that she likes you, chances are she likes you. Pay attention to what a girl says and how she says it and it will go a long way in showing you how she really feels about you.

Dating can be hard, and rejection is awful. However, if you take the time to observe women and how they interact with men, you’ll quickly see how they portray their interests and find out if they are interested in you. Start here by checking out the adult reviews on the homepage. You will without a doubt meet someone to hook up with if you use those sites.

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Signs She’s Into You (Yes, You Need To Be On The Lookout)
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