Snapbang Review

If you are looking for a dating site where you can find anything from some NSA fun to a full-fledged relationship, then look no further than Snapbang. Similar to the social video messaging app, Snapchat, Snapbang (not to be confused with or can hook you up with a sexy partner for some hot times at an affordable price (even free!).


I and the rest of the crew at are happy to say that is a solid site that delivers.

Snapbang is Genuine  Read This Review

First and foremost, the profiles on Snapbang are authentic users, not service generated profiles aimed at engaging and entertaining users or getting them to sign-up for premium services.

Unlike other dating services, Snapbang states this in their Terms and Conditions, which are easily found on the home page, along with the Privacy Policy, the Copyright Infringement Policy, and the Report Abuse buttons, that they have no service created profiles and they do everything they can to remove false profiles.

If you see something fishy, report it. It is easy, and it makes the site even better when everyone does their part to keep Snapbang on the up-and-up.

Profiles are Discreet, and You Must Verify Your Account

Snapbang offers something super helpful for its users who want some privacy while using their site, the discreet profile activation. When we’re online trying to find some booty, the last thing we want is someone butting into our business and possibly blabbing that they’ve seen us staring at the profiles of some sexy ladies. Snapbang makes it possible to chat with only specific people and with specific conditions. They have really made it easy to browse and get busy discreetly!

Snapbang requires account verification to avoid the bots, scammers, and data phishers that are always looking to get onto dating sites. This method is a great way to keep the site on the up-and-up with genuine people looking for genuine sexy times. Of course, some jerks are going to get through, so make sure you protect yourself as well! Use common sense and you’ll be just fine!

Cost and Payment

Basic membership is free. If you want to experience what a paid membership offers you, Snapbang offers a 2-day trial for $1.00. If you need some extra time before deciding if this is the site for you, there is a 7-day membership for $9.95.

If you poke around and really enjoy the Snapbang experience, they offer some very affordable advanced premium membership levels. In fact, these are some of the most affordable dating site prices I’ve found:

• $6.67 for a month
• $34.95 for 6 months

Snapbang is very secure and you won’t need to worry about anyone hacking your computer and robbing you blind. They have an SSL certificate for their site as well as with the companies they use for payments. This means they have strong encryption of your personal information all around and you will be protected. Don’t worry about your money, just worried about getting laid!

Try Snapbang

Seriously, this site offers everything a good NSA dating site offers. Protection for its users, genuine profiles and ease of use makes Snapbang an excellent source for numerous sexy ladies looking to get busy. If you want to get laid quickly and easily, give Snapbang a chance, you have nothing to lose!