Spahunters Review

If you’re someone who frequents spas or massage parlors, you might be tempted to become a member of Spahunters. It is tempting, I’ll admit, to find a site that will link you with all the parlors and spas of your dreams. But with this review I’m going to tell you that you want to run, and run fast, from Spahunters.

Spahunters Website Review

Signing Up for Spahunters – Review

Registering for Spahunters is easy. In fact, I think it’s too easy for the information you’re trying to obtain. All you are required to provide is your email address, username, password, and a security question in the event that you forgot your password.

If you are someone contemplating paying for a sexual act, don’t you want a little more security when joining a site? This also means that anybody can join the site. How can you guarantee that this is safe? The answer is, you can’t and Spahunters doesn’t.

The Spahunters Site

The Spahunters site is a mixture of some very annoying banners and ads with a very plain, no bells-and-whistles format. They do this to try and lure you to those ads and banners that are all over the right side of the site. Companies take advantage of Spahunters cheap advertising prices to promote their shady businesses. If you are foolish enough to click on these, you’ll be taken to something completely different than what is advertised. If you’re even more foolish and call these numbers, you are putting yourself totally at risk for getting busted by the cops or getting some kind of disease.

When you are on the homepage, you’ll notice the section called “What’s Buzzing”. These are supposedly the most talked about and reviewed spas and parlors in the area. There is also a section called Recent Reviews/Comments where more reviews on active spas are posted.

Spahunters boasts around 2-3 new spas being listed daily in their Recently Added Spas section, which includes the spas name, phone number, and location.

You are also able to perform a search for spas by location in their general Massage Listings page, which looks like a very poorly done clone of Backpage.

Spahunters Message Boards

The message boards have questions and comments from users around the country. There are a variety of sections, including boards about Spas in Your Area, General Discussion, New Members, Feedback, and Site Use.

A big clue that this site is shady is that Spahunters states that this site is for entertainment purposes only and that they are not liable for any misinformation or inaccuracies that are published by their members. Basically, Spahunters is saying that they can’t guarantee anything that their site publishes.

And a final (huge) red flag is this: Spahunters will delete any and all posts by members that mention any hint of legal trouble within a spa or parlor. So, if a spa has been under investigation, you won’t know about it.

Why Spahunters Isn’t Worth It

Look, I know we all want some sexual attention from time to time. We may even be tempted to do things we normally wouldn’t do, like joining a pay-for-sex site. But stop and think a minute about why this site and others like it might be a bad idea.

First, if you don’t think law enforcement knows about these types of sites, you’re nuts. Once you join and log in, you are now on their radar. And if you are dumb enough to go to a parlor you found on this site, do you really want to be getting pleasured when a raid occurs?

Even if you don’t get busted for paying sex acts, do you want to take chances with your health and potentially our life? These women (and men) make a living off of sex acts and who knows what STD’s they could have. Seriously, stop and think about that. Some of these nasties can be cured, but HIV and AIDS are forever. And deadly. Is it worth it?


Spahunters has very few users, less than a thousand people have “liked” the site. If people aren’t using it regularly, how effective can it really be? And if the chance of getting arrested isn’t enough of a deterrent, surely the idea of catching something and DYING should be!

There are many, many reliable, trustworthy, legal, and safe sites out there for adult dating, but trust me, Spahunters is not one of them. Looking for those that work – use these instead.

Spahunters Review
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