Tips on creating a Romantic Bedroom for Couples

romantic bedroom decor ideas

Okay, so you scored the first date.  Everything went well and now you are romantically involved and there is zero use for our awesome adult dating tips.

Fine.  We understand that.  Let’s move things on to another level.  Let’s talk about how you can make your room romantic so you and your partner will want to enjoy it together.

One of the most amazing charms of moving in together or being married is when you get to share the bedroom with your partner. While most couples spend tons of finances and a lot of energy when decorating the living room is in question just because it can be a thorough fair for friends and relatives, nonetheless, knowing the importance of the bedroom is a must.

While a bedroom is a place of coziness and relaxation, over the years the love between the duo can somewhat fade away and a messy bedroom can be a trigger. Are you someone who wants to spice things up between you and your significant other? Why not start with decorating your personal space; your bedroom!

Here are some amazing tips you might want to check out when you decide to revamp the space for the best of interests.

The Main Theme

Before you start hoarding new bedroom items, it is best you think of a theme. The main theme can be a combination of:

  • Color of the room
  • Wall paint texture
  • Style of the bed
  • Seating area, if any
  • Theme: Sexy, Comfy, Cozy or Cute, etc

Once you have decided your first step, believe us, things can seem pretty downhill from there!
For an ideal romantic bedroom, firstly know the size of your room. If you have a huge space, go for contrasting colors such as maroon and beige. For smaller rooms, go for lighter hues such as blues, peaches, etc.

Use Masculine and Feminine Patterns

Sharing the room is not enough. A sense of belonging is necessary. Do not overhaul the room with flowery patterns as your husband might not be as attracted as yourself. Create a blend of both kinds of patterns such as plaids, abstracts, florals, lines, etc, however stick to a basic color theme.
Decorate the room with nice printed curtains, matching yet contrasting bed sets, nice table runners, wall hangings, etc.

Lighting is Key

Believe it or not, lighting can play a crucial role when romance is concerned. Opt for yellow light lamps here and there in the room with adjustable lighting. While bright lights will help illuminate the room, dim lights will be perfect for setting up the mood.

Add a Personal Touch

Adding a personal touch is essential. Create a nice frame wall where you can enjoy watching the pictures of the two of you together. Similarly place scented candles, potpourri, attractive decorations and small embellishments here and there. If you have bought a nice wall rack or a floor rack, decorate it wisely while keeping these tips in mind.

Evade Untidiness

Don’t drift away decorating the room by adding too much clutter. Empty spaces are a work of art and clutter may ruin the mood.

Enjoy it Together!

The bottom line is, you both need to play your part when deciding on everything. Opinions of both should matter. Who knows, while you decorate the bedroom together you might start feeling the spark again!

Take pleasure in decorating your bedroom romantically and modify it as time passes! Good luck.

Tips on creating a Romantic Bedroom for Couples
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