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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of dating sites on the internet. You can literally pick any kink or partner you are looking for. Figuring out which sites are worth your time and money can be tricky, and you may have been tempted to poke around on Craigslist when it was around, or Backpage, thinking you would find someone quick and free.

If you have used these two sites, you might think that USASexGuide would be a great alternative. I’m here to tell you, however, that this site is one of the sites you will want to avoid like the plague!

Keep reading to find out why I think is a total waste of time and money.

Screenshot of USASexGuideWhat Is USASexGuide?

I’ve covered literally EVERYTHING you need to know about this site. It’s perhaps the worst of the worst when it comes to sex guides in general and hookup opportunities. Trust me, you’ll get it once you read this…

Users of both Craigslist and Backpage will understand that finding a hookup through these sites was usually quick, easy, and free. However, now that Craigslist personals has been taken down, finding that adult encounter isn’t quite as easy as it was before

USASexGuide is a site similar in format to both hookup sites. It is basically a review or guide site that boasts its ability to help you find someone to have sex with.

Trust me, though, this is nothing but a complete scam.

So, What’s Wrong with USASexGuide?

Once I started poking around on this ridiculous site, I noticed that it isn’t a site for quick hookups, unless you want to pay to play. That’s right, this site is completely made up of “working girls.” We’re talking escorts, hookers, street prostitutes, and other adult services types of women. There are also posts by men who have spent some time with these women and how they would rate them.

Literally, there are no free girls on this site. If you want free ass, you are not going to find it here. However, you will find it on

The Girls

So, if paying for a date isn’t a problem for you, maybe telling you the type of girls you’re going to encounter will change your mind. I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t want to screw an STD-riddled, drug addict streetwalker who is sleeping with hundreds of men a week to get enough for her “fix”.

Probably 90% of these girls are quite unattractive and definitely not worth the risk of contracting HIV from. If I were you, I would stay far away from USASexGuide!

Do You Still Want to Join?

Joining USASexGuide is completely free. At least to join. But think about it: you’re joining a well-known escort forum. You’re contemplating paying for sex. If anything happens where this site is taken down, you are now tied to it. Remember the Ashley Madison scandal?

Plus, if you do decide to pay-to-play, you’re running the risk of the police knocking on your door. Do you really want to go to jail for solicitation of prostitution and have all those legal fees to deal with? Is a piece of tail really worth all that? I certainly don’t think so!

If you don’t trust me that USASexGuide is a total ripoff, then maybe you’ll trust They have a scathing review available for you to read to help in making your decision on whether or not to join.

The Rundown

If you’ve didn’t read my reasons for not joining USASexGuide, let me give you the short and sweet reasons why I would totally avoid this site:

  • It’s a prostitution site
  • The girls are ugly
  • The girls are hookers
  • The potential for disease (HIV doesn’t get better with an antibiotic!)
  • The potential for legal problems and physical injury


I really cannot stress enough that USASexGuide is a bad idea. You are asking for nothing but a headache, and probably worse, if you decide to partake in any hookups from this site. If I were you I would forget it even exists and instead, check out any of the legitimate adult dating sites that are out there! You will definitely thank me later for pointing you far, far away from USASexGuide! In fact, allow me to do the honors and share my type five with you right here, right now – click here.

USASexGuide Review
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