Who Is Adult Online Dating Good For?

Who Is Adult Dating Good For?

If you are looking to date online with the goal of looking for hook-ups, you need to know what you are getting into.  Most people go in with mixed emotions, simply aren’t ready, or may underestimate the sexual appetite of people they may meet on some of the adult hook up sites we recommend.

Adult Dating Statistics

8 Things You Must Know About Hook Up Dating for Adults

Whether you’re looking for your next hookup or looking for love, online has been and continues to be a great resource for finding either one. It used to be a taboo thing of mystery but is much more common than you think nowadays. People are online looking for hookups on demand, and there are a bunch of sites and apps that can help you do just that. You can check out our top ten sites for getting laid (insert link) here. In the meantime here are 8 things you should know about online dating.

1.) 40% of all Americans are trying to find love or get laid online

  • You’re not alone, online dating in this age of technology comes almost naturally. So lace up your boots and get out there. There’s a bunch of people who are doing it, and you’re only one site/app away from them doing you too!

2.) There are more men than women using online dating

  • 52.4% of men and 47.6% of women are dating online, so you might have some competition but you won’t have a problem finding women online. They’re on the web, you just need to convince them to get in your bed.

3.)  22% of people had their friend help set up their profile

  • Sometimes you have to let your Bro step in and make your profile look good. Let him pump you up a little bit, do what a wingman does best GET YOU LAID.

4.)  20% of committed relationships began online

  • The good news is that the other 80% might be your next hookup. There are so many options for you online that if she catches feelings and you gotta cut it off you can easily have the next one on the way.

5.) The top 3 things people lie about: Age, Height/Weight, Income

  • Don’t be surprised if you get one or two that says they’re a D cup online and shows up with the chest of a 12-year-old boy. People lie and it’s a part of the game, but there are some real ones out there too.

6.)  2 factors that help: looks & common interest

  • She’s smoking hot AND she can tell you about a 1951 Plymouth Fury? Done deal! The best way to connect with women online is to look good in your profile and try to establish some common interests. She more likely to chat you up if she thinks you like some of the same things.

7.) Where you live matters

  • Unfortunately location matters in the case of online dating. Some states like Idaho boast that 60% of the population is married, while 50% of New Yorkers are married. If you live in a lonely city you’d better start lowering your standards or increasing your frequent flyer miles.

8.)  You’re more likely to find a date or a mate using multiple apps.

  • More sites mean more chances to find what you’re looking for. We have reviewed the best sites for hookups so you don’t have to. Get started today, and get on your way to getting laid.

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Who Is Adult Online Dating Good For?
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