XMeeting Review

XMeeting is a cool place for sexting and fun-filled flirty chats. Even though you may not find all the exciting things you have come across on the top dating sites on xmeeting, however, the adult sex site has pocket-friendly features, a good membership base, and each member having an attractive, sexy gallery of profile pictures.

You can easily get what you are looking for on the site because most members have carefully given little details about themselves, you will find this out as soon as you register on xmeeting.

Xmeeting Review

XMeeting Broken Down For All

Signing up on the site is quite simple as you only need to fill the usual field commonly required on an adult dating site such as your name, email, address and age, the registration is so swift. On the next page, you are required to add some little interesting personal details about yourself such as your physical attributes. The details you provide will help you easily find your perfect match on the site. The site uses the details you provide to choose a match for you by comparing your data.

You can keep updated about what is happening on the site by reading status updates of members, their recent actions and messages. You can as well look up the match suggestions by the site to get what you are looking for and with who you want to hook up. Note, your experience on this dating network depends on how active you are on it.

One exciting feature is the live cam for live video chat. You will always find at the left side of the page, pictures you have shared with other members, the pictures of those you have interacted with as well as pictures you have previously liked.

Search Features

Maybe not as great as you would want, but the search filter on XMeeting is cool and allows you to search by location, age, members currently online, you can also separate those with photos from those without in your search. But in case you want to ease yourself of the stress of searching, you can readily go with the smart suggestions by the site. The search options are not disappointing.

Membership Options and cost

You enjoy the maximum benefits of X meeting such as the dating center and the live cam feature when you upgrade. There is no time to waste on the site as the upgrade is swift and can be done within a minute, and most of the subscriptions on Xmeeting.com are not expensive but rather budget friendly.

A six months membership subscription costs $16.66 per month, renewable at $99.95 every six months. A three months membership subscription goes for $19.98 per month and renewable every three months for $59.95 while a month membership subscription is priced at $34.95 per month and can be renewed with the same price upon expiration.


No doubt you want your privacy kept, having done a thorough search on Xmeeting your privacy is respected, and your data will not be shared at least not without your permission.  Before sharing your webcam, for instance, your approval will be requested. As long as you play your part by keeping your confidential data confidential, you have nothing to worry about with regards to privacy. It is safe to say the privacy policy of Xmeeting is cool.


Xmeeting.com is no doubt a cool online adult dating site that offers an exciting service at an affordable rate. The site is always active and may not be ideal for you if what you want is quiet, classy and simple dating. Assuming that’s what you want, then you sure are in the wrong place.

If you just want sex, you can have fun sexting or have a video chat with hot chicks on the site. The live cam feature which makes the site unique and you can enjoy this at an affordable price. I’ve gotta say that this is a decent site, but it’s definitely not one of the best, which are shown on the homepage.